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Huricane Prayer request


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Please pray for my children and grandchildren. They are directly in line of that terrible storm. Some are evacuating but my oldest son has chosen to ride it out in his sister in law's new home.

My daughter and her family went to Baton Rouge to my grandson's apartment to weather it out. They couldn't go further because my son in law just had surgery on Wednesday.

My youngest son with his family and his dad are planning on leaving tomorrow morning and going toward Lafeyete. I am afraid that is not really far enough either but better than staying in Houma.

I am really very frightened. I am afraid this is the big one that we have been dreading for so long. South Louisiana is the most vulnerable area in the country for a major huricane. I just saw that the winds are now at 147 and it is a strong catagory 4. It could prove to be a major disaster and my family is there. All prayers will be appreciated. Lillian

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Thank all of you for your prayers. As you can see it is now a catagory 5 and that does not leave much hope for it getting low enough to not be a very dangerous storm.

Several years ago while I was still living in Louisiana they had given a warning that at Cat 3 or 4 making a direct hit could leave as much as 16 to 20 feet of water in Houma and Thibodaux. This is even worse than has been feared for years. Last year when Ivan was approaching the mayor of New Orleans had 10,000 body bags standing by. I shudder to think what this will do to the whole area New Orleans is especialy in jeopardy because it is surrounded by water and in places 16 feet below sea level.

I just spoke to my son a few minutes ago. They are packing and leaving too. They plan on heading West then North. The highway out (90) is already bumper to bumper. My ex and my youngest son were preparing to leave when I spoke to my granddaughter. My oldest granddaughter and her husband are not sure they are leaving. I just pray that they will decide to leave.

there will still be many left behind that I will be praying for.

I may be divorced but I am very close to my father in law and my ex's old aunt and she is always frightened by these storms and I know that she will not be leaving as well as my father in law, my son's in laws and so many people that I know and am concerned about. Please continue to pray.

This is going to be a major disaster.

I try not to think about all of the things that I left behind. There are just too many people to worry about. Still there are so many things of my parents that I had to leave when I left but I know you can not take everything. We had to leave for George when I was there and last year for the fire I had only minutes to grab things and once gone I thought of all that I had forgotten.

I did hear last night that the big fire on the other side of Redding is partly contained. Conditions are going to be worse for fire in the next few days so that too will play on my nerves. I know that I will really want a cigarette but I am hoping I will be strong enough to resist. This will really be a test of my resolve. Keep me and mine and everyone out there who are facing these disasters in your prayers as you are always in mine. Lillian

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You have mine Don. This is really bad. I spoke to my son about an hour ago they were on their way out and I am very relieved to know that my granddaughter and her husband are with them. They were stopped in the heavy traffic but even 100 miles away is good. They are heading Northwest so hopefully once they pass Morgan City the traffic will thin a little.It is really difficult because all cell phone lines are very busy. I am leaving in a few minutes to go to church. This is a day that many prayers need to be said for all on the Gulf Coast.

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I am so glad Lillian that your grandaugher and her husband decided to leave. I can't understand why anybody would stay. This is major. G-d knows the damage and the water levels, being below sea level, they say this could reach up to 25 feet in some areas. I cannot imagine. This is really scaring me.

Don did you hear anything from your brother and sisters families? Did they evaculate? I sure hope so.

They keep showing the feed from the Super Dome, Football stadium which there are over 30,000 people there. The weather reach 93 there today. Could you imagine when the air conditioning goes off there?

As far as I know this was a manatory evacuation. Why anyone would stay with a catagory 5, especially in Louisiana, which is the worse place it could hit. They say this could be the worse one ever.

Some people had to leave their pets behind. How tragic.

They don't seem to be pulling any punches with this one. It is major and it is serious.

G-d help those people who did not heed the warnings.


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I just have a minute before I leave for work. Thank all of you for your prayers and concern. I spoke to my daughter this morning she has been in touch with her dad he as well as my sons are at a campground in Lafeyete well away from the storm or at least the main part of it. They are all fine. They relayed reports from Houma. All who stayed behind (uncles aunts, in laws and grandfather) are alright. They have not gone outside yet but are reporting that all of the structures seem to be intact as far as they can see. They did spend a terrifying night and my daughter in law's mother says she will never stay again. I think a lot of people learned something from this experience. I certainly hope so.

So thank you again and continue to pray for those in harms was this is still a very dangerous situation. Lillian

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I have talked with some of the family in the New Orleans area. Most of them left the city for Baton Rouge and parts north. As far as I can tell, all are safe. Since Katrina jogged slightly to the east as it came ashore, New Orleans did not get the direct hit, and that would have been a worse scenario. Thanks for all your prayers. It worked. Don

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Thank you Don for letting us know about your family. I was working sense yesterday morning and haven't had access to my computer until now.

I spoke to one of my sons yesterday before they went home. Both of my sons got home today. They were all very lucky because they have only very minor damage. My daughter and her family stayed in Baton Rouge with my grandson. As I mentioned my son in law had surgery last Wednesday so they are staying there for a few more days. Three power companies provide electricity to Houma and all 3 are down. The one the provides for my daughter is located in New Orleans so no one knows when they will have power.

My two sons bought generators while they were in Laffeye so they have a way to save the food in their freezers and they are sleeping in their campers because they are using the generator for the air conditioners in the campers. The Houma area seems to have faired very well considering. A lot of fear but even some of the low lying areas didn't get the water expected. Had it not made that last minute turn it would have went right up Terrebonne bay and right over them....

I look at the places in New Orleans and Mississippi and it is as if I am having some kind of bazar nightmare. I know all of those places they show. I have been all over New Orleans. I stayed at both Grand Hotels in Mississippi and gambled in each of those casinos. I look at those pictures and there is nothing there any more. I went there a year after Camille and it was still very bad. I can't even imagine how it will look in a year this time.

I am so thankful that my family were spared but it breaks my heart to see so much suffering and to know that those places will never again be as I knew them.

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Just called my insurance agent to see if he had an "IN" and had heard anything about Gautier , Ms. He had heard nothing but said he would call me if the company started sending him info, emails etc. That was nice.

Then I counted our membership list. I figure we have at least 30 in those 3 states (La.,Ms. Ala. ). One that I am concerned about is rhebeka who says she lives in Gulfport! We also had 3 register that they lived in New Orleans ! Several on the Gulf Coast. I imagine that some of the 1132 that do not claim a location must be from that area also.

Hope all check in with us when they get electricity back. Donna G

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