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Doubling up


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Tomorrow is day 6 for WBR and day 1 of cycle 10 of Topotecan, IF my counts are good enough to start the chemo.

And I'm hoping they will be because the chemo is doing a good job of keeping the liver tumors stable and I don't want to have to postpone the chemo.

So...I know we'll all have our "hands" full tomorrow with Cindi's talc procedure, for one..and good thoughts going out in many directions....but if you have a vibe or two to send my way for good blood counts...I'll be grateful for them.

Hope everyone's week goes well...and even if it doesn't start out so well...by week's end, I'll be hoping for an upswing for everyone here.

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Tomorrow, I will be done in one fell swoop! It is you who needs all the vibin'! You have a road ahead of you there young lady. And I am praying for the least amount of side effects for you, as well as complete and total elimination of ALL cancer cells! BE GONE! poof! up in smoke!

Taylor may be too young for you...but I swear he is not too young for me... really.

Get well!

love, Cindi o'h

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Well, today went well enough that I've not napped since I got home...AND I ate a Big Mac for lunch too! :wink:

They didn't give me any more Decadron by infusion...so I'll just get my 4 mgs daily this cycle. BUT...this will be a short cycle...only two days of chemo instead of three...because my onc is worried that with radiation too...my bloodcounts will tank. So this cycle only, I'll get only 6 mgs of the Topo instead of 9 mgs. and I won't be getting the Neulasta shot on day 4.

My counts were good before today's chemo...and that is after 6 days of rad. 8) WBCs were 15....5 over the top of the normal range. Platelets were close to 300 and my RBCs, HGB and HCT are always a bit low, but not dangerously so. I got an Aranesp shot today to keep the red cells from going lower.

So...feeling good so far! :) And instead of having to go in 4 days this week...after tomorrow, no more chemo...just rad. every day.

Many thanks for all your good vibes and wishes...as it's keeping me afloat more than you know!

Focus on our Pubmaster now....okay? We need to get Cindi back behind the bar where she belongs. No more of this lollygagging in a hospital bed being pampered....ya know? :roll:


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