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Hi everyone


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My name is Jenny and my mum was dx in March 2005 with inoperable, incureable, stage IV nsclc, with mets to the bone. She has just finished her 5th cycle of chemo (gemcitibine/cistplatin) and her onc told her that this will be the last chemo session for her unless the cancer becomes more aggressive, then he will try small bouts of chemo. This news shocked us all as she has been doing really well, has only just been getting more side effects with her last two cycles. Her last scan showed a marked improvement on the primary mass and almost all of her small cloudy ones have disappeared from both lungs.

Mum has decided that she does not want the last chemo because she feels there is no need to put herself thru the side effects if this is all he is going to offer.

I have been reading some great stories on this site that have given me reason to believe Mum can last a lot longer. I told my sister to ask the onc on thursday why this will be the end of chemo and are there any trials that she might be eligible for...that's providing mum lets her ask the question!

Mum is very stubborn, she will only let you ask the onc questions that you have run past her first and that she approves of otherwise she cuts you down in front of the onc and you feel quite stupid!

Anyway, thankyou to all for giving me hope, now I hope I can do the same for mum :wink:

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Hi Jenny!

Oh good! Another Aussie! We love our sheilas from down under!

Oh yes! I am so glad that you found hope here! Keep reading, Jenny. Far too many successes to give up at the start line! Go for it, MUM! I mean, what have you got to lose!

I am stage lllb out from diagnosis now 2 years and 9 months and no sign of cancer anywhere! How bout that? I am fooling all of them. Your Mum can too, given the chance.

She sounds like a spit-fire. She must be related to most all other mothers! If she can believe that she can beat this cancer, then the way will follow. I believe that. It sounds as if she has alot of will.

Did you read the Block page?? It is a MUST for your Mum to read! If you haven't, say something and one of us will point you to it.

Glad you are here. We will all help you!

love, Cindi o'h

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I just want to say thankyou to all of you for making me feel so welcome :) I especially want to thank you Cindy o'h for bringing a smile to my face for the first time today. I have printed your email off to show mum (you know, that bit about you calling mum a spit-fire? :lol: I know it will bring a smile to her face too.

And Ginnyde as for the question about mum having a computer, I gave her my old one last year and she won't even play solitaire on it! But you never know I might be able to talk her into yet...

Take care for now all

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Welcome, Jenny (and Mum, of course!

What part of Australia are you in? I travelled a bit in the southwest (and Tasmania) almost 20 years ago and loved it. Any country that produced Russell Crowe is allright by me :wink: !

I don't have personal experience, but from researching around it seems to me that studies have shown after a certain number of rounds different chemo's don't seem to offer further benefit. Doesn't mean they haven't done a lot. I know cancer can mutate and develop immunity to one type, so another must be tried after awhile.

Sounds like your mum is taking the news as meaning the onc thinks she's hopeless. I doubt that's it. He probably wants to see how she does and build a plan for something else.

Hang in there, MUM!!! You've got a brilliant daughter in Jenny!!!


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Jenny....Welcome! I just came on to this site recently also. My husband Bob and your mom were both diagnosed in march and with mets to the bones so we have common ground. Bob had radiation to his bone mets first and the side effects of that were more intense than chemo, so I'm glad your mom avoided that. I'll be interested to follow your journey and look forward to hearing more from you. Fondly, Diane

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Jenny, welcome to our support family.There are many here that have made a mockery of drs. predictions on how long we are to last.

Sorry you and your mom joined this roller coaster disease but as you read here you will find many,many survivors of all diff. stages of lung cancer.

Having faith,humor,and a positive attitude are a big help in maintaining a good quality life while fighting this disease.

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Hi Jenny; welcome to this site.

I think it is important for your mum to finish the protocol. I am sure it will further shrink the tumor and/or kill cells hiding out. I think it is not unusual for oncologists to halt treatment after a course of treatment is completed, if there has been progress.

I would ask about taking a maintenance treatment though, such as irressa or tarceva, to assure that the cancer remains stable. Some take high dose celebrex in combination with irressa or tarceva and say that it has kept them stable for 2 years or more.

Your mum should also be getting regular ct scans to make sure there is no progression.

I hope your mum has many quality years to come and finds the an effective way to live with her cancer. It sounds like she is off to a good start.

Don M

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Welcome, Jenny! My first comment is to bring to your attention that my wife has Stage IV NSCLC and she is a 3-year survivor. My second comment is that there are many more treatments available for BSCLC. Look at bio below and at other people's bios here. My third comment is that there is much hope and much life left. Hang in there. Don

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Hey Jenny!

You'll find a lot of us "taking care of Mum" kind of people here. Everyone here has given me so much support, in all the ins and outs of this crazy little thing called cancer. I hope you can find the same support here.

Spend any time here, and you will be amazed by the positive energy of this board. Take that with you throughout the day. There are so many who want to doom and gloom us with statistice, but the truth lies in every success, no matter how small they seem.

My mom is learning to live her new life in style, and I hope your does, too.

:) Kelly

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Hi and thanx again to everybody. :)

I have just woken (as our time is ofcourse different to yours) in good old aussie land and was amazed at the response to my posting, it has given me strength and hope and to never say never!

I will be going up to visit mum again tomorrow with my daughter Kaity (aged 7). We stay with her until Saturday so I will send all your regards to her.

Mum has her appointment tomorrow with her onc so I will let you all know how that goes.

Take care all :)

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