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Challenging Week for Charlie


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Charlie will be really challenged this week. He will be having radioactive seeds implanted near 2 tumors (in his bronchial tubes) tomorrow and then will have chemo. Tues. - Thurs. Also, on Wed. is his birthday. He will be 53. He is in good spirits and we are both ready for the next challenging week. Please say an extra prayer or give us some extra thoughts as you go through your week. Thanks for all you'll do--support, laughs, encouragement, prayers, thoughts, etc. You'll are the best! Take care. I will let you'll know how it goes.

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My prayers are with you and your family this next week.

I understand it's going to be a tough week for you, but I am praying for it to be nothing but successful and that you get thru it without complication.

I know there are better ways to spend your 53rd birthday, but my birthday wish for you is to read a post from your wife next year, telling us that it is your 54th birthday and you both will be going out dancing because you feel SO WELL.

Hugs Mr. Charlie, and happy birthday!

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Hi Tina,

I will be thinking special thoughts for you and Charlie all week. I hope he will be able to eat something special on his birthday. Remember that Jim and Charlie share the same birthday so when I sing Happy Birthday on Wed., I will sing an extra verse to Charlie! (Jim would have been 55 so Charlie is the younger twin!)

Thinking of you both during this busy week,


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For sure I will be thinking of Charlie this week and next. I will be thinking of you as well, Tina. Sounds like a grueling week or two for the both of you. There are GREAT results with seeds, I hear. Hopefully that will do a job for Charlie. Wouldn't THAT be a GREAT birthday present.

So prayers for Charlie and a happy birthday wish. Try to do one day at a time and get back with results that will make us all smile and breathe a big sigh of relief. That is my hope.

((((Many hugs)))),


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