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One Year Ago Tomorrow


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Hi ya all....hope everyone is haveing a good day....Just wanted to share with you that tomorrow is my one year anniverary....

last year at this time I was hyperventalating and popping xanax

Wheww!!!...can't believe one year has passed already...

I haven't been on too much but believe me I think of all of you and pray for 'all of us"...morning and night...I read the post's thou...but sometimes just don't know what to say....I know that you are such kind and loving people and could see why everyone comes here....You are all so very supportive...

I am doing OK but can't seem to shake what has happened to me...I am not complaining cause God has been very good to me....I was not lucky...I was 'blessed' for my outcome....but does this worry ever ever go away??....I don't think there is ever a day that goes by that I don't think of it..and when test times comes...

forget it!!!! I'm a nervous wreck.

Don't want to keep repeating myself...seems like I told you this before....please excuse me if I did....but alway's good to hear from you guys and your input...

Little off topic here...but do

any of you guys know Dave Grant...

It seems like I met him on here and we did email one on one once in awhile...I have e'd him a few times with no answer...I am beginning to push the worry button....If anyone knows of him...please let me know...The last I heard he was doing fine and golfing quite a bit....I hope he is too busy to write...

Ok nuff here from the 'peanut gallery'...will be back to see you soon...Stay well everyone and God Bless each and every one of us..

Hugs...Pam ..(pistoltart)

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Congratulations on your 1-year mark! That's a great milestone to reach. No, at least for me, the worry doesn't go away, but either we get better at handling it, or it diminishes as time goes on, I don't know which one. Either way, celebrate your good results!!!!!!


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Congrats on the year mark, let's make this an annual event until it hits the century celebration, okay? :wink:

No, the worry never goes away. That little voice in the back of your head DOES get quieter, but the little jerk NEVER goes away. Just remember the Xanax-popping you of last year and compare to how you feel emotionally now. Try to see the progress you have already made and then try to make more.

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Hi there. I don't think the stress ever really goes away completely. I've been in remission for 5 years and I still panic every time my scans come up (which is in a couple of weeks!). I guess it's the norm for us.

As for Dave Grant, he can be found on another message board he started:


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