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Getting to Know You - September 14


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Shari's at the Willard Hillton, in Willard, Michigan. This is a little reservations only restaurant in the middle of nowhere with a real French chef. All meals have at least seven courses and you HAVE to leave room for dessert.

A very special evening, indeed.

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Al Capone's Hideaway. It is a great little restaurant that has the absolute BEST filet mignon.

In fact, just to get to it, you have to follow the signs posted up in the trees. It's in a little town called Valley View in Illinois. After your appetizers/salads they give you sherbert to cleanse your palate.

It is full of character and decorated like the 20's.

I'm suddenly getting very, very hungry!! :D

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Melinda, Brian and I will meet you there some day. That is my sister's (in Elgin)favorite restaurant so we will invite her and her husband, too. I love the bread and lovely olive oil they bring to the table.

I think it looks like the gangsters could stop by your table anytime.



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I'm in Elgin too!

Tell Brian it's time he starts feeling better.

The Hideaway is callin' our names!!

How could I have forgotten about the bread. Usually by the time dinner arrives, I'm so full on the rolls dripping in butter and olive oil that I end up taking most of my meal home.

Hope you are having a good day. :D


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Wow, I am really envious of all these great choices all of you have made. around here, there are a lot of different places to choose from but unfortunately,

most of them are chains. I have to tell you that this choice may sound very simple, taking into consideration that it will be a free gift certificate, but...I would have to say Red Lobster. I absolutely love their Crab Alfredo. It seems like no one else in the family is a big fan of Red Lobster so I don't get there as often as I would like. Oh...those cheese garlic biscuits....to die for!

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We're going to The Church. At least that's what we call it. The real name is the Clarkston Union. It's in an old church in downtown Clarkston. They have the best food, very different. They switch the specials every week and usually have at least two vegetarian dishes. Their speciality is macaroni and cheese. :lol: My favorite dinner there is the sweet potato burrito.

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I thought about this all day and decided I need many gift certificates:

Cincinnatti, The Blackstone Grill, best creme brulee in the world.

Columbus, Mortons

Tulsa, The Fountains

London, Wiltons

Colorado Springs, Charlies

Home, The Spring House Tavern

Florence, La Compagna

And Paris, ah Paris, a little bistro, off the tourist track, no one spoke English but it was the absolutely best meal we ever ate, by far.

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Funny you should ask. We just ate at a new restaurant tonight called Peerless. It was wonderful! Had flaming cheese, grecian salad, lamb, cheese cake. Also, we usually go the Regas Restaurant for our anniversary (just there last month). Finally, for seafood, we really like a local restaurant, Chesapeakes. Love the crab cakes and spinach Maria. Charlie always gets the seafood platter. Yum! I think I will go find the rest of my cheesecake. It's calling my name....

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