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Scans all next week-Dread


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Scans all next week. Head MRI, CT/Pet of Chest Abdomen and Pelvis. Dreading it beacuse I am scared.

I have not felt well consistantly for some time and just hate waiting for the results.

The board has been so quiet. I am also to blame for this. I just hate posting negative, negative stuff and since I have not felt well I have not had much more to offer.

It seemed like sclc was so busy last year it was hard to keep up w/ everybody. I miss the activity, but I know I am part of the problem.

Putting it out there about the scans because I do believe in all the good vibes you guys harness and send out.



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You have remained in my prayers and I will certainly be adding much hope for some good news resulting from the scans.

Please do not stay away because you feel you have nothing positive to offer. That is not what we are all about. We want to be able to offer you whatever it is you need.

Will the scans and tests take the whole week, or do you think you may have some results by week's end? I will be anxious to hear....regardless of what is discovered.



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You know me, Jen...my advice is always pretty much the same. Try to leapfrog the fear for now....postpone it to - say - a day or two after the last test....and then worry, if you must.

In the meanwhile, try hard to enjoy and not spend all this week plus in angst.

I know it's not always easy, hon....but it IS still the best advice I can offer.

Got a brain MRI coming up prob. the week of Oct 10th. I'm not even THINKING about it till the day of the test....and by the next morning, if not sooner, I'll have the preliminary report. Not till then will I either worry or celebrate what I'm telling myself NOW is going to be the good news! :wink:

Cuts down on the amount of wrinkles on my face, you know? :wink:

Hang in...and wear your pin to remind you...."DON'T WORRY"!! 8)

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Thanks for all of the replies. Last few scans I have not posted before hand, but I decided I needed to get those good vibes you guys send out :) You guys are great.

I will know Mon MRI results probably Monday afternoon.

Wed is the CT will probably know Wed. afternoon.

Thursday is the PET and CT fusion. That could be Fri or Monday on results.

I intellectually agree with all the advice, but we all worry at scan time and I am no different. Its also a bit harder w/ you have turned the corner and gone from always getting good news/scans (last year scans) to getting bad news (this years scans).

Frankly, I don't know how we all get through this time without jumping out of our skin, taking heavy meds or going on a huge Martini binge. :)))) The stress is just horrible including having to do the dam tests which I hate. Not a fan of the MRI machine or Pet machine. Both take too dam long and are so confining.

But, we do get through these times and I am grateful for such great people who know what all of this is like.

Much love,


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