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Something new.......?????


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appeared.... Her Royal Highness, Queen Lizbeth, AKA Addie AKA addietude. Holy Cripes! I thought you were on your trip to Oregon to visit the trees, there Miss Addie!!! What'll you have to drink? We are having some great celebrations here today, girlfriend. Becky got some good news and so did Joanie! A few of the others have been holding out, cuz they're too shy, but they will be by to whisper their great news. Becky is buying the first round! How about some Vodka and grape juice there, honey!

Oh, I would love one. But, light on the grape juice, I got this sandpaper stuck to my heel. I tried the router with the heavy bit, but ended up in the ER. They don't know if they can salvage my big toe, so I am taking all these pain pills. But, I sure would like a splash of grape juice in my Transfusion!

Next to Miss Addie, there sat Frank and John. Arms around each other's shoulders...all buddy, buddy...snorting and cracking each other up about some golf balls, a preacher, and the pope...

So what's up guys?

Frank says, "Got a new...

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Doughnut maker and a case of beer. We're going to be slapping that chocolate frosting all over the kitchen...or at least we will until someone finds out. You all know who that someone is, don't ya? Well, it's.....

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