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For Kasey:


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She's such a girly girl...and those big eyes of hers are gonna break some hearts, someday! :)

Now...how about DonM's little shoulder adornment? That is one cute little guy too!!

Would you all like to see my first grandchild? It's a girl!! Tasha is her name....


That's right...that's right. My first grandchild is a German Shepherd. 8)

First one who says she looks like me gets a pie in the face. Remember..........I'm bald!! :wink:

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Oh Val,

THANK YOU!!!! Little ones chanage so fast. I am glad to see how much Carolyn has grown :P .

Yes, all, I will share with everybody! Maybe Don needs to post a new pic as well. Maybe we can get Carolyn a 'boyfriend'!!! Whadda ya say, Don?



PS: Addie....I think Tasha would make a good ladyfriend for Teddy!!!!!

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