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Hey everyone,

I had my follow-up scan yesterday and the good news is that everything is still stable except for the radiation pneumonitus. It has improved so NO MORE STEROIDS!! I am so excited. Other good news- Fox 13 here in Memphis and my hometown newspaper are doing a segment on Lung Cancer Awareness. I am so excited about getting the word out. On another note, I have decided to not do the silent auction. That is really not my cup of tea. Instead I am going to host a middle school and high school band contest (concert festival) in early March. This will be the first Lung Cancer fundraiser that Memphis has had, that I am aware of. I know it will be a huge success. We are going to call it---- "Playing for a Cure". Any ideas to help with making this event a success, please p.m. me . I am very open to suggestions.

Thanks everyone and God Bless!!!


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Wow Jamie...I can just feel all of your energy and I know this is going to be one huge success. I have absolutely no musical or art creativity in my blood so I can't help with ideas, but will be screaming and yelling from the cheering section!

Go get them in Memphis!

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So happy for this good news. And your benefit conert idea sounds great. I found the following links for a company that sells sheet music. These are two listing for music for middle school bands! Maybe you'll find something the kids haven't heard before that excites them. Good luck!




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