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Have I told you thank you lately???


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I know I don't post a whole lot on here. I read everyday and you are all in my prayers.

I just wanted to say thank you to all that are here and walking this journey that we call life. We are all at different steps in our journey but it is and has been a blessing for me to see each of you here and to have you sharing. Some times I think to myself, I have been so blessed because my burden is not nearly as bad as yours, other times, I know I have been there too. And I give thanks that I saw the miracles and blessings that I have been given.

So many times I read about someone and just don't know how to respond. Just know I think about you and keep you in my prayers.

With the holidays coming upon us so soon now, please remember to be good to yourself first and foremost. Remember to honor your soul and follow your heart. Try not let "society" rule what you choose to do. We all have been down that path before trying to make others happy when it costs us our souls.

Stay strong and keep the faith. I will keep praying, just as so many others are doing also.

Thank you again for letting me be a part of this wonderful site.

Much love to all. Praying for each of us.


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It's been a pleasure knowing your too Shirley. You are a very uplifting soul.

That was a beautiful post.

I know these holidays are hard for you so many people here, I pray for you to have a good healthy one and you are surrounded by family and friends.

May the warmth of their love surround you and lift you up.


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You were there for me when I first posted

on 2003, soon after you lost your husband.

We are all on the road that we call life

but nobody travel at the same speed.

We catch here and there but very often we

don't have the words to answer a post.

You have your place with us and

thank you for your post and will be

thinking of you during this season.



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