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Our Addie


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So like you, Pat, to be asking about others at this sad time.........."I miss him like fire" ...........I just read this at the bottom of your post, and it brought tears to my eyes.


I have a happier update today ! A friend visited Addie yesterday (I live in another state so haven't seen her since she was in the hospital in November) and she reports that Addie is comfortable, cheerful and 'spunky'...........and quite chatty !! The day that I called and reported here was a bad day for her, and though she has days like that,many are much better.

Neuropathy is bad in both hands and typing is very difficult. She cannot stand or walk so Hospice is helping her husband with better ways to lift her from bed to the wheelchair etc.

It is a relief to hear better news and I wanted to share it with all of you :P


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Spunky Addie...that's our gal!

Thanks for giving us an update, as Addie is always in my thoughts and prayers.

I wonder who she's poking with those knitting needles today???

Miss you, Addie!!!

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I talked to Addie tonight, and she wanted me to be SURE to tell you all how much she misses you and cares so much about all of you..............she wanted to tell you that the only reason she doesn't 'connect' is the neuropathy in her hands rends her incapable of connecting like she would like to.........

Addie is comfortable, loves her bed baths and massages to stimulate her legs and arms. The WBR seems to have resolved any pain issues, thank goodness !!

A friend sent chocolate chip/caramel cookies recently and Addie would not share with her sweet husband............can you imagine? :roll: So, last I heard, same friend is sending special cookies to both and Addie is to keep her hands off his cookies :roll:

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, will keep you posted



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