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I have been trying to get donations for our fundraisers, this was a response from one of the companies that I had written to:

We are sorry that we are not able to participate in this with you. As you will see from our internal exchange below, there is a simple, safe and effective way to cure all cancers. All that is required is living right, ie eating properly [and that means one thing – raw living food after a cleansing fast], exercise and compassion toward all things! The great pity is that so very few people will revert to this singular remedy; they look for magic in bottles and pills, or the invasive and toxic interference that passes for medicine these days.

What makes this any better than the breast cancer efforts with pink ribbons et al?

It's all the same drum for 'a cure': lots of effort and money to do the impossible.

Giving music to kids is a great idea, but tied to the faulty and failing logic of 'curing cancer' doesn't cut it for me…. Who needs more 'research' on lung cancer when the answer is there many times over?

I'd much prefer to support telling/teaching efforts about living right ….seeing how compassion comes full circle.

My response

To answer your first question.

What makes this any better than the breast cancer efforts with pink ribbons et al?

This is an opportunity for us to reach many children and warn them about the environmental concerns you mention. I was asking for your help in hopes that we could promote some of these safe and effective strategies for living. All lung cancers are NOT caused by neglect of our bodies, but from our genetic make-up that we have NO control over. There have been numerous studies to prove this. As for me and my family we follow the Dr. Schulze protocol and continue to eat only organic. We are very conscious of our environment.

Is this the same drum for a cure? I would definitely say “not”. Our mission is also to reach out to the kids about the very things you are talking about in your response. The reason I was writing you was because I also know the benefits of living right. However, that doesn’t change the fact that we still need cancer treatment facilities, cancer oncologists and successful treatments. As I am sure you are aware, a number of the successful drugs used to treat cancer have come from natural substances.

I am terribly sorry you feel the way you do and cancer survivors are a “thorn in your side”. For myself, I try to help everyone that needs it no matter what the circumstance. Compassion does come full circle. The last visit I paid to the chemo room at the clinic, I was filled much sadness and compassion (sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it).

Giving music to kids is a great idea, but tied to the faulty and failing logic of 'curing cancer' doesn't cut it for me…. Who needs more 'research' on lung cancer when the answer is there many times over?

I am confused about what that answer might be. I and the several hundred thousands lung cancer survivors out there need more research. My children, these children need more research. I am sure many years from now, the available medical treatments for cancer stability, maintenance and remission will be looked on as “inhumane” but this is what is available and the ONLY thing that is working for a number of people. The MUCH needed money for Lung Cancer research could improve that.

We are anticipating 1500 or more students, parents and survivors and will have an awesome event with or without your help.

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Dear Jamie

I'm sorry that you received such an ignorant and thougtless reply to your request for help. Your response to them was wonderful, and much kinder than mine would have been!!!

I for one, will certainly be donating to your cause. Keep up the good work!

Love Karen

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Intelligence has it's limits but stupidity knows no bounds! Sad to see people so blind to the truth. Maybe this is Tom Cruise's company? He seems to subscribe of the same ignorance, in believing that exercise & nutrition cures all including depression.

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Well said all..

I agree Rich. Jamie, you are amazing! When is your event?

I am glad I am enlightened. However, much of the enlightenment (the little I have received) has usually come by personal hardship and tragedy. The best teachers for some of us is through our own pesonal walk. I wish I could learn these lessons some other way... :x And I wish I could learn compassion the first time so that I didn't have to keep doing it over and over again. Sorry to say, Jamie, I was much like your "friend" there. If I received a letter back such as what you have written, I might reconsider your kindness. Who knows?

Good job.

Congratulate your patience.

Cindi o'h

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Very ignorant people. They must be living under a rock or in a cave... Keep up the great work Jamie. People like that don't deserve any recognition, but you sure do... Ignorance is bliss.

Ignorance is bliss. Please tell us who they are so we can send them some more e-mails...

God Bless,


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Hey Everyone!!

The event is scheduled for March 4th.

Here's an update:

A music cafe is going to donate a award to the winners of the solo competition. They will be able to record their solo in an actual recording studio and cut a cd. How exciting!!!! Another thing----I will have a website in a few days.

Here is a list of donation opportunities if you are interested:


****All checks should be made payable to the LUNGevity Foundation and the name of the business should be listed in the memo area at the bottom of the check.

You can help save the lives of your family, friends and neighbors that are suffering from Lung Cancer. To help the Playing for a Cure competition and the LUNGevity Foundation find a cure, you can:

1. Give a tax deductible donation.

2. Donate professional services, such as marketing expertise, printing services or promotional items.

3. Make a tribute in honor or in memory of a loved one. This will be an undisclosed amount. Give what you can.


Please add your address to the post. You choose the amount you would like to donate

*Memorials may be given in memory of:

Family members




*Honorariums may be given in honor of:




Guest Speakers


Loved ones


4. Sponsorships

$5000.00 or more---Angel Conductor

$2500.00 or more---Maestro

$1000.00 or more---Platinum Whole Note

$500.00 or more---Platinum Half Note

$250.00 or more----Gold Quarter Note

$100.00 or more ----Silver Eighth Note

$50.00 or more------Bronze Sixteenth Note

*In appreciation for your support all sponsorships will be advertised in the program, printed on shirts for the event and listed on the website. The advertisements will be viewed by everyone at the event as well as all visitors to our personal website. Program copies will be given to each band and sent to Lung Cancer survivors participating nationally.

5. Purchase an ad in our contest program:

---- Quarter page $50.00

---- Half page $100.00

---- Full page $200.00

6. Paper, food or any other concession products.

*Any way you would like to help would be greatly appreciated. All donations are tax deductible.

*All donations should be received by February 17th so programs and t-shirts can be designed and printed.

I also want to thank Becky for all of her help!!!!



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Thanks everyone for the support. I got another e-mail from that company. I have determined they are crazy and I don't have time to mess with them. If you are interested in making a donation, you can pm me and I will e-mail everything to you!!!!

God Bless All of You!!!!


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Boy I can't boycott this company, I would never ever even considered buying "soverign silver" or what ever it is that they think is the answer to our immune system. They are nuts! They think this is the natural way!

Donna G

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