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I AM beating it.....

Fay A.

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Every day that I don't allow this to stop me from finding joy I beat this beast at it's own game. Every day that I find something to make me smile I beat it. Every time I let them cut away another part of me, or give me medication that kills the cancer but kills off a few other things I beat it. And when the time comes that I die, I will kill the d@#n parasite with pleasure. I really will have beaten it then. In the meantime, I plan on living the very best life I can in every given moment. That means that sometimes the only pleasure I can particpate in is viewing a sunset, or reading a book, or drawing, or just sitting here listening to those I love talk among themselves. Other times I get out there in the world and -within the physical limitations as they exist- I do what I enjoy.

It's a win-win situation. One way or another I win. Attitude won't cure any of us. But it DOES determine how we live. We have to make a conscious decision to LIVE. It's okay to cry and be sad, just not for too long.

Thanks for being here for me. I appreciate it.

Fay A.

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Fay good for you!!!! You are truly an inspiration to everyone on this board -----when people get down in the dumps, they just have to read your posts ----you have been through so much, have such a positive attitude---very rarely complain---which you have every right to do---I sure wish I had you courage and calm

regards Eileen

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Hey Fay,

You hit the NAIL right on the HEAD my friend! Took the words right out of my mouth too! This is a WIN WIN situation. So while we are on this journey, I intend to enjoy the ride the best way I can. And a Positive Attitude can only make this ride much more enjoyable! :D Love, Laugh and BE HAPPY!!

We sure are wonderful people here! Damn, we're GOOD!!! God Bless Us All!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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That was truly unbelievable. I needed to read your post as I was having an "I feel sorry for Sue M Day". Liver met has grown from 2 cm to 4 cm and I have been on a bummer all day.

After reading your post and Connie B's comments I have to agree with both of you. We are in a win-win situation.

Thank you for giving me inspiration.

Sue M

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I wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration here and that I strive to get the emotional serenity that you have.

You have always taken the time to answer my posts, no matter how trivial or whining they have been. I have always smiled when I see your name as one of the people answering the post, because I know that your response will be right on the money. Thanks for always being there for me and others, and for providing an example of grace and dignity!

Now, that said, lets put the gloves on and fight this damn thing. I'll be over here if you need back up!!! :wink:


46 years old

Stage 1A-NSCLC

Surgery June 16, 2003, mid & upper lobe removed

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Thank you all for the very kind words, but I feel like a fraud. I'm not brave, because I'm not afraid of death. I'm just not going to let go of this life before I have to....

No Puzzle,

No Conundrum,

No Mystery.

No Question at all,

No Surprize.

Its really quite elementary,

What happens to the body when the spirit dies....

I pray for all of us-survivors and caregivers, friends, family, and lovers. We should all try to keep our spirits alive...for ourselves and those who love us.

Fay A.

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