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Our friend Leslie


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Just to let everyone know Leslie is in the hospital.

It is Sterling Hospital or Medical Ctr. Sterling Colorado. She is not doing too well, she is paralized on one side and doctors haven't given Mark(her husband) very much information. He said they have her on morphine. If you can offer any info. to help him. I am sure he would be very appreciative (Like experiences with Decadron, morphine, or WBR he needs to advocate as much as possible for her.)Knowledge is power as we all know.

Thanks all,


Sending prayers

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Remember Mark, that if anything doesn't sit right with you and the person that you are dealing with is non-responsive, be it doctor, nurse, PT, aide, whatever... if you cannot get something resolved to your satisfaction, Ask for FLOOR MANAGER. When you speak these two words, the f/m has 5" to respond... hospital rules as far as I know.

When I was last hospitalized, I should have remembered this, but I forgot. I was fighting with the pulm. rehab. over whether or not the mouthpiece she dropped on floor was clean enough to put in my mouth...I was in somewhat shock and let her get by with dirty technique.

Good luck, Mark.

Cindi o'h

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I was genuinely concerned when we started hearing from Mark and not Leslie, so I am not startled by this news, saddened, but not startled. Please let Leslie know that we are all praying that she bounces back quickly. Remind her she threw the 3 coins in the Trevi Fountain.

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I am so sorry to hear this. Because Leslie went to get checked for her headaches she found out that she had brain mets and was just horrified. Nonetheless she immediately started the fight to win against this horrible disease. Because of Leslie I requested a brain scan which came out okay. I pray that this is just a temporary set back for Leslie and that she will continue to fight this awful disease. My prayers are with you Leslie.


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