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I can't believe it.......


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there is no evidence fo disease. She has two bulging discs in her back and her rib is a fracture that is healing. I am so incredibly happy as of course she is. Hope, faith, and prayer really work! I am so excited! Thank you SO much to each and everyone you have helped me so much on this journey.

I was actually able to get my mom to get on the site and read it. I hope one day she will post and tell about her experience first hand.

Once again thanks

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I told you I had an okay feeling, didn't I? If not, I should have. You know how over the top this makes me feel, don't you? Like always, I LOVE hearing your Mom's good news. Of course those discs can be very pesty, how well I know!!!!! And by all means, get her on here!!! I want to talk to her!!!!



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Congratulations on the very good news! It is amazing what we as cancer survivors will consider a good thing: bulging herniated discs in our spine, broken ribs, etc. But we really do look at those things as lesser of evils when compared to cancer. I am very happy for your Mom and all who love her.

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