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Dreaded Scan Time


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Hi my friends,

Just asking for a few prayers today and tomorrow. Keith is going for his CT scan today at 12:30, and for a bone scan tomorrow to see if the pain in his back is the cancer spreading to his bones.

I'm really anxious and hoping and praying things are showing some sign of improving and not spreading.

My dear sweet husband's positive mental attitude is slipping, and he's been fighting depression and tears lately. He's so scared. For the first time he's feeling pain and sickness not associated with the chemo. He's completely exhausted, and he hasn't had treatment in over two weeks. Today he had a sudden stabbing pain in his head that went away after a few minutes. It just seems like a lot of new fears rearing their ugly heads. It would do him so much good to finally hear some good news and see some progress in all of this.

My heart can't bear the fear I see in his eyes, and the grief I see in his every expression.

Please Lord hear my prayer, bring my love peace, bring him strength, renew his hope and faith. Bring him good news and positive results. Let there be a miracle of your love for him as your child with your healing touch. I pray this in Jesus' name, in complete faith and love. Amen


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I have been praying for Keith and will say some extra prayers today. He needs some good news and I pray to God he will get some, it is much deserved and needed for both of you.

I have always had an extra interest in Keith because he and I not only share the same diagnosis, diagnosed at about the same time, but were on the same chemo to start with (Irinetecan) and now for this second round we are on the same chemo drugs again. I am on the East coast or I would begin to think we had the same oncologist's.

Please God grant Keith some healing news and continued healing of his disease in the future.

Please let us know as soon as you find out the results. I for one will be watching for your report.

My love and prayers to you both.

Bess B

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Thanks Guys,

You have always been such a support and source of strength and encouragement for me. I don't know what I'd do without you.

I am praying for everyone here too. As I am starting to pull myself out of my pit of despair, I hope to rejoin the group and help start providing some support instead of just receiving.

Love to you all, and I hold you close in my heart


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Special prayers have been said for Keith's scans today and tomorrow. God is good and hears our prayers, all we have to do is ask. Our faith is strong and our Lord will provide and take care of his children.

God Bless and praying for a "CURE" for all of us........



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Thank you everyone for your loving thoughts and prayers.

I can't even begin to express how much it means to me.

We've gotten our results, and your prayers have helped so much, because for the first time I was able to post GREAT RESULTS in the GOOD NEWS FORUM!!!


I won't repeat the whole message here, but I'll just say that God is Good.

We saw overall decrease in all his tumors and mets, and his bone scan is negative.


Thank you Thank you Thank you; from the bottom of my heart!

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