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Connie B

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Nice to see you Mr. Ry, hope your doing well.

Hey all you Survivors, so far 25 wonderful Survivors have replied to this post. Now I'm as happy as a lark that we have 25 Survivors here, but, we have 2783 Registered on LCSC and there just HAS to BE more then 25 of us Active Lung Cancer Survivors that POST on this Board?

Come on lets have a Group Hug from all us Lung Cancer Survivors. ((((((GROUP))))))) :wink:

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Cindy checking in as a survivor here tonight.

Two years 8 months survivor of Stage 1B NSCLC. Had surgery, adjuvant chemo, good follow-ups ever since.

I'm also 2 months shy of being a five year survivor of early stage breast cancer....had surgery and radiation and will be wrapping up a five year course of tamoxifen as adjuvant therapy at the end of June.....

Happy to see all the rest of the survivors here.....


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Ok Connie...here I is...reporting for duty....

PamS. here from Bel Air,Md

Right lobectomy staged 1A and surviving 17 months...Thank you Jesus...

Pet test tomorrow......a litle prayer will help...thanks

Connie....you are a honey...get em going kiddo...you got the spunko to get em on their toes...I mean the keyboard....ha

Love you guys and love this message board....really has taught me to fear less and have more faith...and deal with whatever has to be dealt with...The Lord is on our side..


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OOPS ....

I must have missed this post when you first put it up, Connie.

18 months and still going; me and the energizer bunny.

Not planning on going anywhere ... except the Bahamas next week for a golf outing with the guys. :)

Thank you all for your messages of hope, courage, perseverance, and faith. My prayers are with us all.


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I am SOOOOO HAPPY to see all you wonderful Lung Cancer Survivors! This is awesome to see all the LC Survivors Post. I hope we can get more of you Lung Cancer Survivors that post on the Board To Please Post here, so we can offer HOPE and SUPPORT TO ALL THE LC SURVIVORS that are fighting this beast. We need to let others know this can be BEAT and WE'RE LIVING PROOF. :wink::D


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SCLC survivor here. Almost one year, 12th of this month. Still trying to find a chemo to stop it in Liver BUT am NEVER giving up.

Going for CT on Monday the 6th, wish me luck, just hope it's not still spreading. Then on the 7th I'm flying up to Chicago to go to the Cancer Treatment center of America for another opinion. Wish me luck there to.

Keep up the good work, you guys are GREAT support.


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OK OK - I am coming back out of the shadows.

Two years this March, Stage IIIA - left lung removed, Chemo, radiation - ned for 23 months.

Mets found in spine and pelvic bones. Started Avistan every 3 weeks and tarceva daily.

Thanks for reminding me that we are all survivors!


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So sorry to see the new members having to join us, but I'm so happy to see you found us. We're here to help and compare notes.

We're here to Beat this Beast and being a Survivor is How we Beat it! :wink:

I'm also very pleased to see some old faces/friends that haven't posted to the board in a while. Welcome Back! It's nice to hear that you are a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10+ year Lung Cancer Survivor.

I know we have more on this board that are Lung Cancer Survivors, and I hope they will join us here on this thread.

CLINK CLINK (lets drink) goes my glass for ALL OF US LUNG CANCER SURVIVORS! YAHOOOOO!!!! :wink:

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This is GREAT hearing from all you Wonderful Lung Cancer Survivors. I sure hope we can get more of them to join in.

I'm seeing some new members and some memebers that haven't posted in a while, and there's those of us who post as often as we can. This is just Great!


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I have just completed another 3 month pet and ct scans. Do not have any results back yet. I am feeling great, so I am trying not to worry. I should know by the end of the week the results. If all is still clear I will think about getting my port removed. Doc says if all is clear I will go to 4month cts and 6 month pet scans. Doc. says that if clean for 3 years I can consider myself cured.But feels that I am 80% there. I'll let you know how I do on my recent test. And I also need to update my profile. Talk to you soon. Bev

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