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Official Hall Pass Request


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Currently packing my bags for the trip to Boca! Leaving tomorrow and returning next Saturday. I'm feeling pretty good physically, some pain in the surgery area (maybe the nerves are coming alive) but otherwise I'm doing ok, thank God. Looking forward to reading all GOOD NEWS when I return. I'll miss you guys.


Joanie ((()))

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HA! Joanie!

When you get back there won't be anyone here at all...we will all be in the pub partying like it's 1999! without you! (that's what you get for going to Boca to romp in the grass and still your toes in the aqua! :P )

Seriously though, Have a great vacation. Lord knows you deserve it and have earned it!

love, Cindi

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Hi Joanie,

So glad you are getting away. You really could use some down time.

Will be thinking of you basking in the sun 8)

Have a great time and will see ya when you get back.

Maryanne :wink:

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Okay, Spunky,

Here is what a rube I am:

I had no idea what Boca was........

I have Boca Burgers sometimes..............

I am such a midwestern idiot.

Thanks to Froggie Girl for some clarification for me. I am still embarrassed.

Have fun!



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