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Can you 'freaking' believe this????


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HI kids...just giving you a heads up on what happened to me...Remember last week I had a Pet and everything was good so the surgeon cancelled the Chest exray I was supposed to have on account of the clean Pet..My appointment was supposed to be tomorrow...

Well not going be....Thursday I was feeling great...had dinner and then my hb and I were watching TV and all of a sudden I started like clearing my throat...and it wouldn't stop...and it got worse and worse ...up all night and then barking like a dog in the morning...A REAL chesty cough...and if I didn't just have a clean PET...I would have been climbing the walls saying OH OH....

OK..I call my doc's office and he takes me in...right off the bat he say's 'bronchitis"...Okayyy... loads me up with meds....and say's you'll be OK in a few day's...Wrong!!!!

Now it had been almost 4 day's and the med's weren't kicking in at all..so my hb bugging me to go back to the doc's...well today is Sunday and he is not in his office..so I went to Patient's First which is a real good Medical Facility which some people even prefer over their GP......After waiting an hr to get in...feeling just plain miserable...I finally get called in and the doc takes one look at me and say's..."you have the flu and possible pneumonia"....WHAT?????

So he runs blood work to check the white count ..that was Ok but then say's "you need to take a chest exray....Helllooooo...I just got out of taking one and here I am taking it for an altogeter different reason..

Comes back with the results....'yep...the flu and pnuemonia"...and that is where "can you believe this" comes in...I never knew you could get the flu and pnuemonia at the same time...

Have any of you heard of this..and did you ever have the flu test...they could tell right away if it's the flu...They stick two swab's up your nose and test for flu...came back positive...

Anyway...I told the doc...that I had a lobectomy and it was a piece of cake compared to what I felt like these last 4 day's....Just absolutely horrible....So Ihad to throw away the meds my doc gave me and start on different ones and go see my primary in 3 day's and then follow up with ANOTHER chest exray in 3 weeks to make sure the infection in gone...

So that's my story for today...just wanted to let you kids know...love to all....stay well and God Bless us all...hugs...PamS.


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I too was afraid to open the post from you, fearing that it would be something LC related. Although I hate that you feel so cruddy and have the flu and pneumonia, I'm glad it is something curable, and that they found it and are treating it.

Get lots of rest, drink your fluids, stay warm and comfy and surround yourself with all the things you love.

In the mean time, I will pray for your quick recovery and you will be in my thoughts and in my heart.

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