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Dad Tumor On Lung

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I have found it very moving and privileged to read all of your posts.

My dad went in for a catscan (doctor thought he had congestive heart failure) Test comes back w/ a 6 centimeter tumor in lower loeb. My parents are elderly and details or vague, but they said the doctor told them to come back in 2 months for anther catscan. Does that sound possible, or logically.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.


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Welcome!! Do you have any other information? So that we can help you, like non small cell, small cell. Did they give your dad a stage or mention treatment...

If not maybe he needs to get a 2nd opinion. Get copies of his tests from the doctors and scans from where he had them done.

Once we know a little more. I am sure you will get a lot of support and help here from others too.

Prayers and hugs,


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Are you sure it was six centimeters? Do you know why the doctor didn't want to do a biopsy? They sometimes watch small nodules and then biopsy if they change. Can you get your dad to sign a release so the doctor will talk to you about his case? Maybe you can ask the doctor what his plan is. Good luck and welcome to the site.

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Hi Patty,

There aren't enough details to tell, really. You say your folks are elderly. How elderly are they? And is your Dad in otherwise good health?

Usually a 6 cm tumor raises red flags and usually calls for a definitive diagnosis. In other words, is it lung cancer or another cancer that has metastisized to the lung?

It is possible that the "tumor" could be benign. But, usually, with a size such as this, further workup is usually in order. Most often a core biopsy is done with a needle if that is possible. Sometimes a bronchoscopy is all that is needed.

How far are you away from your folks? Do you have permission to talk with his doctor to find out more details? Or can you get him to request documentation of the tests and narratives that have been done?

Best wishes .

Cindi o'h

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Sorry about your Dad! I don't understand why the Doctors want to wait 2mts, if it was my Dad I would be looking for more info soon.. I think you should put a call into that Doctor and see what you could find out.. Good Look! Keep us posted! Praying for your Dad..


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Thanks for quick replys. I guess I was hoping you would tell us exactly whats happening. I know it's crazy, I'm grasping.

My sister is going to discuss w/ my parents tomorrow to get authority to talk to doctors.

It just shocked me that their doctor would say to come back in 3 months for another catscac. Although my mom is recovering from colon cancer and they found a shadow on her lung on her followup catscan and told her to come back in 3 months.

A scary and crazy new world. Thank you all for listening and supporting. I'll keep you posted.

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Welcome: the only way it would makes sense to me to wait for 2 months is if the spot was 6 mm and not 6 cm. It is good that your sister is going to get authorization to access and keep medical records. I hope you get an answer soon.

Don M

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Have your sister get an organizer to keep track of all info and questions for doctors. Keep meds and apptmnts in this organizer as well. stay in touch and we will help you as much as we can. saying a prayer.

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You can always encourage them to seek a second opinion. I would definately consider that option.

**Just a helpful hint

You may want to keep notepad handy to jot down any questions that you may have for the doctor.

---I always had a whole bunch of questions



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Hi Patty,

So sorry about all the confusion here. Hopefully, your sister will find out more and you can tell us.

Did you say your mom who was diagnoised with colon cancer has a spot on her lung and was told to take a CT over in 3 months?

Wow, this must be so scarey for you. I am so sorry, but we have to wait to see what is what.

Please try not to worry as it can be benign, that has happened in so many cases.

Find out how big that tumor is, 6mm or 6 cm, there is a big difference there. If is was the smaller one that would be something they would watch, but the bigger they should take a biospy.

Keep us posted.


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Hello Patti,

Welcome and sorry you are here under these circumstances. I lost both my folks to cancer and know how devastated you must be at any hint of this kind of news.

Good advice from everyone above and keep all questions, conversations with Dr's, etc. noted in a spiral for future reference with dates and times. We picked one person in the family as the "question go-to" person and assigned others "research" responsibilities. (Pre-internet days!)

Once the Doc gives you more information it will give you a better handle on what you are actually dealing with and that is easier than not knowing.

Good luck and God bless.


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