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Dave is empty headed!

Remembering Dave

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Hi, I just got to work after Dave's radiologist appointment - his head CT scan from last week was all clear, so they did the planning session to start his PCI - probably start that next week. The radiologist also looked over the chest xray that the pulmonary doc ordered and said the mass in his lung indeed looked to be shrinking and he felt that it was all pneumonia, which was going away (he took two weeks of antibiotics) and he thought Dave was still all cancer free!!

Yipee!! Hopefully he'll have this three weeks of PCI and start the road to recovery and regaining all his strength! And we can pick up where we left off - being new parents, a happy family of three!

Karen C.

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Welcome David,

Wow two new members on the same day - this is very good news.

Fay, Earl is currently working on the by-laws and is reading Roberts Rules to make sure he understands parlimentary procedure. I'll mention secret handshakes to him.

This club is the second best club in the whole world.

The best club is the 'I SURVIVED LUNG CANCER FOR OVER 50 YEARS' club.

Congratulations David, and come to the club soon Fay.

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