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here I am, the quiet-of-late but ever-present Birthday Bunny. and thanks to Kasey, here are our May babies:

May 1 ~ Eppie (Eppie) ~ cake is okay, but would rather have pie!

May 2 ~ Cathy (hopeandstrength) ~ carrot cake with cream cheese icing

May 10 ~ Linda (Linda661) ~ her Mom's b-day ~ lemon bars or lemon meringue pie OR DQ ice cream cake

May 11 ~ Joanie C (daggiesmom) ~ strawberry shortcake

May 17 ~ Lisa (Lisa O) ~ NO CAKE SPECIFIEd! Lisa, do let us know what we can whip up for you, girl!

May 19 ~ Donna (DonnaD) ~ cheesecake straight up

May 24 ~ Kim (bauner 95) ~ Grandmaa's chocolate cake with chocolate icing

May 25 ~ KATIE (KATIEB) ~ potato cake (please clarify, potato cake!?)

May 27 ~ Vicki (Vicki131) ~ vanilla cake with nuts and cherries and pink frosting....Pink Cake!!!!!

May 29 ~ Jenny (JennyS) ~ cheesecake

Thank you, Kasey, for being such a good b'day monitor. If we've missed any May days, send me a mayday ( :lol: ) and I will add you - all of this comes from the 'sticky' birthday post, above.



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