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Water, Water, Water!!!


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I can't begin to tell you how I found out the hard way the need to stay hydrated.

As some of you may have heard, this past week my first grandchild was born. I stayed at my son's apartment to help out for a few days. I've been feeling great and thought nothing of holding my new baby and helping as much as I could. My eating schedule wasn't quite as I'm used to and I certainly wasn't drinking enough water. I had the best afternoon, meeting Jamie Y, Bunny and Alisha for lunch

Well, Friday night I had a slight headache and went to bed very early. I awoke with a headache again, took tylonol and went back to sleep. I couldn't eat and kept sleeping. Well, p.s. I would up being rushed by ambulance to the hospital. I felt like my head was going to explode, couldn't keep down even water. I don't ever remember being in so much pain.

After a CT scan and MRI, thank goodness it was determined I'm still a member of the empty head club. It seems that because of my slight change of routine, I became dehydrated. I never, ever knew that we should all be drinking 8 bottles of poland spring (which I think is 2 quarts).

Just wanted to pass this along, how important it is that we all drink WATER. Also can be juice, but anything carbonated will dehydrate, as will coffee and even tea. Even seltzer will dehydrate.

Home again, drinking water by the gallon. I'll probably float away shortly, but at least without that head pain.

Take care all.


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Be careful about drinking too much water too quickly...there is such a thing as water toxicity. Basically you act like you are drunk, and it can be serious in the sodium levels get too diluted.

So drink up, just don't overdo it.


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Thank you for the reminder. I remember my radiologist would really stress to me how important it is for me to drink plenty of water. Now that treatment is over I have to remember to continue to drink water like I should. I am glad that you are okay.

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What a time of it you've had, Joan!!!! Who would have known that you were dehydrated??? I always thought that meant one hadn't had much of anything at all, and it certainly seemed that you were eating and drinking. I am so glad you got taken care of.........and hopefully none the worse for wear, so to speak!

You've had some exciting times lately, Joan. First there was that lunch with Bunny (which we never heard much about BTW :wink: ....still waiting for details like where, what, etc.), then a new BABY :lol::lol::lol: , and lunch with some of the most attractive females I can think of :wink: ! Maybe you better slow down and take it easy for a little bit, whaddaya think????

Be sure to take care of yourself, Joan! Don't you make me worry!!!!



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Wow -- talk about a good news, bad news situation! I'm so glad they were able to re-hydrate you and that your able to enjoy that grandbaby again!

Water was my substitute when I quit smoking 9 months ago, and I still have water with me at all times. I think its the one thing that kept me from being hospitalized when I was going through horrible diarrhea problems.

Drink up, Joanie! Here's to life!


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