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The same old thing....


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Had to take a minute to vent, and hope this doesn't sound petty. As always, add the disclaimer that in no way do I mean to minimize breast cancer or any other cancer...

I was in a meeting today at work, and one of the companies we own has a product that they are offering for Mother's Day which is "blankety blank for the cure", a product specially designed for breast cancer awareness. For every box sold, 10% of the profit goes to research for breast cancer. I had to sit there and listen to employees (mine no less!)ooh and ahh about it and how they push it to all their customers because it is such a good cause. And how the company is so wonderful, blah blah ad nauseum for saving women's lives, etc. The spokesman visiting from this company said that they not only plan to continue offering it but expand the selection.

It was really hard to listen to. I wanted to speak up and say.. ummm.. what about the leading cause of women's cancer deaths?? But of course this was not the forum for that discussion... Battles have to be fought on the right battlefield.

Again, I do not mean to take importance away from other cancers. But it hurts that I always feel like a second class citizen in the cancer society. I know that every cancer is terrible, and scary, etc etc.. but why is our cancer never considered worthy enough a cause to corporate business... why is it never 'trendy' enough? Why is our pain never recognized?

Just needed to vent, I know it's been said before, but it was really, really hard sitting through that part of the meeting today..

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Think It is hard when it is "over Hyped Like Susan G Komen Foundation" Just a personal thought. I agree with you and wqould love to see LC Get the attention that it deserves. one of these days people will realize That LC is BC of new millenium I think and then things will change. Just adding my rant to yours and I do Understand. Glad YOu got through the presentation however. :)

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I think the main reason for this is because most people just dont know that lung cancer is now the #1 cancer for wommen beating out breast cancer. When i tell people this theyt are shocked. Breast cancer has been in the lime light for so long people are more aware of it...which is why so much money has been spent on research,early detection,and now the cure rate is so high.I think this has been WONDERFUL,and if more people realized that lung cancer is a HUge concern in this country for men and WOMEN...things might start to change...we can only hope. God BLess Deb Dad DX NSCLC Jan 2004, NED doing well

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oh I feel what you are talking about, Debi.

The momentum for breast cancer awareness is swift. This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In our area, it was being discussed on the news last month so that folks could mark their calendars for events they wished to attend or participate.

Growing up in my house, my Mom was queasy saying the word "breast" except when it came to chicken dinners. Breast cancer wasn't a topic of discussion. BC awareness has come a long way and has come out of the closet and off the tongue and through the lips for sure.

I think that Katie made a good point regarding planting a face for the name of LC. Who would like to volunteer for this position? I think we should have a male and female representative, don't you?

Tami Faye Baker really doesn't come to mind as offering the most solid appeal to all audiences. But, Debi, how about you as a noodler wannabe? And Frank with his donuts, beer, football and puppy? The two of you could be on billboards and TV ads throughout the country!

In all seriousness. A face with the disease is helpful. Peter Jennings and Dana Reeves would have(could be?) our best representatives.

In the meantime, Deb, congrats for staying composed. A smile and a nod goes a long way in certain circumstances. This is one where you exceled.

Cindi o'h

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I was shopping with two friends last weekend and in one part of a store there was a lasrge selection of pink stuff ~~ yes it all had the pink ribbon symbol and was sooooooo cute.

I just looked and said, "More bloody pink stuff!" and walked away. My friends, both of whom have breast cancer in their immediate families, agreed that pink was getting to be quite nauseous in these quantities. They're also biased because they know the true story of LC and wear clear wristbands.

Thanks for starting this vent thread Debi, feels good to be understood doesn't it.


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I admire you Debi for being able to keep quiet. I am afraid I wouldn't have been quite so professional, I would have probably said something, but like you said, that was not the time or place.

The Pink gets to me too. I have friends that have breast cancer and I pray for them, but.....

Maybe we need a different color than "clear", something to stand out. If the general public could just "see" us - that we are normal people just like them. I like the idea of a billboard campaign with us ordinary people talking about lung cancer.

Thanks Debi for venting. It is nice to see that other people feel like I do.


Nancy B

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Me and my breast surgeries chiming in:

Debi--no offense taken at all. Everyone just needs to keep in mind that when Susan Komen was diagnosed it was a very hush hush time for breast cancer. Even in '93 with my first diagnosis, it was not discussed. the only people I knew with breast cancer were old--not 37 like me.

I think lung cancer is moving in the direction that breast cancer went. Just look at us and how we have grown. We just need to remain vocal.

It is going to click at some point with the public. I know when Heather's Reader's digest article hits the stands I will be passing out copies.


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Let me remind you, Debi, that you are not JUST a keep quiet kind of girl.

I seem to remember you spreading the LC word at a certain craft fair in Ardmore...

Bravo to you for knowing when to keep it to yourself (I'm impressed) and knowing when to advocate!

:) Kelly

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I really cannot put any C down for getting funding. I know that it always seems to be in our faces. I just wish desparately that the public would be more aware that LC is the number one killer in women.

One day I know, help will be on our :wink: way. I hope that is not wishful thinking.


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I get plenty stamed about the pink thing. I mean...a pink breast cancer KitchenAid Mixer??????

But then I realize that many of the new chemotherapies out there are often tested on breast cancer patients as well as other types of cancer, so we all do benefit in the end.

Plus we can now take lessons from the Komen Foundation and learn how to promote cancer research for "our" cancer.

I have to leave now to polish my white wrist band.


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