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Those Darn Techs- Updated!!!!


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Here's a new game: everybody pitch in 100 pennies for a chance to deck the tech. Then we 25 people have achieved stress release with the tech decking, you can take those 2500 pennies to the nurse to pay your bill.

Just a thought....


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Hi Debi, I'm wondering if it could be diaphragmatic flutter or diaphragm spasm. Does it feel like a side stitch.... like the kind we used to get in PE class when we were kids?

You can do a web search to read about it. Hope you feel better soon. Barb

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Hey Debi,

I'm glad you got good results and totally sympathize with the problem with the nurse!!!! You'd think they would understand how $25 is nothing in the realm of "unpleasant issues" with those of us who have had some seriously bad news at the doctor's office.

I swear that spasm thing (I get it too every once in a while) is from being cut open. I don't care how skilled your surgeon is, once they get in there moving things around, sometimes they don't settle back where they are supposed to. I don't get it very often either, but when I do, it takes your breath away, and it's like a charley horse, you just can't do anything till it lets up.

Hey, when I come to Texas for the bash, maybe we can take a side trip and I'll help you clobber that silly nurse, what do you think?


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The "charley horse" is probably post-thoracotomy syndrome. After surgery, nerves that were cut form nodules called neuromas. These can fire off impulses erratically that our brains interpret as pain.

This pain is neuropathic pain, a specific type of pain, and should be treated as such. There are drugs used for neuropathic pain, and injections and nerve blocks can be used in severe cases.

Link here: http://www.yourpaininstitute.com/-thora.html

Cancer recurrence is not the usual cause of pain at the site of a previous surgery, although of course it must be ruled out.

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Let's look at the good news. Your scan was ok! I had unexplainable pain like that for a while but it hasn't happened a quite a while now. As for the $25, that was good news :lol: . It could have been $2500.

Congratulations on your "good" news.


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My techs often ask when I will be seeing the doctor. It's to make sure they have as much of the results as possible - picture only, prelim report, final report. I believe they are actually trying to help me, not scare me.

I once had a secretary ask when I was diagnosed with lung cancer - when I was at the diagnostic test. I cried so much they almost cancelled the test. I think I knew I would be diagnosed with lung cancer, but it was a butal way to hear it. I also had a bone scan where the doctor reading the scan asked me if I was seeing an oncologist (I wasn't - we were just at the diagnostic stage). And he told me to call and see my doctor immediately. It's no wonder my original intro to the disease was so awful.

I have relocated to FL and find Moffitt to be sooo much better.

Good luck to you.


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