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Four of my lights


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I have had a brutal week at work, and in addition to everything else had hurt my back/neck last Sunday.

Last night, I got home from work at 8:15 and was just plain finished. I put my nightgown on and got settled on the couch. No sooner than I put the TV on, I remembered Relay for Life!! Now, I have posted in the past my mixed feelings over ACS and all that, but since my company is a corporate sponsor, we do have people working with it. So last week I had bought 4 luminaries, in memory of 4 special people from here.

SO I'm sitting on the couch and I'm like, no way am I going down there, I am too tired, my back hurts, I need to rest. I tried to concentrate on the TV but all I could think of is those 4 luminaries, those 4 lights flickering out there in the dark and those 4 names being called out on an Oklahoman night and no one there to listen for them.

I tried to ignore the urge to get my tired body moving but it wouldn't go away and I ended up getting dressed, driving out there for the luminary service, finding the luminaries on the track (after 4 freakin laps!), hearing their names read and coming home.

And this is where the reason I posted this comes in. I don't talk about it much but the people that we have lost here inspire me to do better, to be better, to try harder. My actions as a result of this may not always make a huge difference in anyone's life, but it makes a difference in mine, sometimes it is the difference between complacency and action. I mean, the bottom line last night was, how DARE I complain about my aching back, my being tired when I am still breathing, I have been given this life, and so many have lost theirs. And 4 of those people were represented by candles burning out there alone -I had no choice but to go.

So the memory of 4 of those that have so inspired me -DavidA for his courage and humour in the face of adversity, BobMc for walking that damn rope bridge in Costa Rica 3 weeks after his lung was removed, Fay for her tenacity and strength, and Francine (bluebayou) for her quiet pluckiness and serenity-

these people live on in some part of me, the part that makes me get up off my *ss and do something- their influence on me is constant, and illustrated plainly with the simplicity of what happened last night. Knowing and losing them has changed me and moved me and cause me to keep moving when sometimes, its easier to rest, whether in big ways or small.

They, and others, will always inspire me to do better, be stronger and will always be carried in my heart.

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:cry::cry: That is so touching I did our relay for life earlier but did not stay for names. I left at 11 and they had not started. Also had 4 little lites of mine burning bright through the nite. Thanks for sharing those thoughts Deb. saying a prayerfor ya.
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WOW! What an amazing story! We have to put things into perspective, and I thank you for doing that. The lights are such an amazing reminder, and I so appreciate the reminder to get off my butt, away from this stupid computer I have become attached to, and celebrate life! :)

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That was such a beautiful tribut Debi, and I commend you with the courage you had to get yourself up and out there.

I know they were looking upon you with so much sincerity.

You are a special lady.

I hope you are feeling physically better.

Maryanne :wink:

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