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Monumental Stuff Up!!!!


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Hi Guys,

Well it seems my scan results of last Wednesday have been misinterpreted. I did not see my onc, I saw a dimwit who told me that Tarceva had finished it's job on me and that they would leave me on it for another 4 weeks, do a scan and then probably start chemo. I wanted to speak to my own oncologist, so it was arranged for him to call me today. He called and said that the growth was so small he is not even worried about it and that as far as he is concerned Tarceva is still working. He explained my problem before taking Tarceva were the hundreds of nodules my lungs were full of, a snow effect. None of those nodules have reappeared and my lungs are still clear besides this primary tumour and small nodule adjacent to it. He said there is no need for a scan in 4 weeks, back to the 8 week schedule.

To say I was shocked by this news is a massive understatement. The news I was told last week was very hard to take. My partner is away overseas for her daughter's wedding, so I had to cop this by myself. Secondly, it upset everybody close to me and even though we were all ready for the next stage of treatment, Tarceva had been a miracle drug for me.

I don't feel anger towards this other doctor, my elation at this good news overtakes that. I must say, he has caused a lot of emotional pain the past 5 days. What an absolute tosser he is, that's about the kindest word I have for him right now!!!! Well, away from here the language has been a touch stronger than that!!!!

My dad, who felt so sad for me last week, had booked me on a holiday to the Gold Coast for 4 days. I will now turn it into a celebration! Time to sit on the beach and take it all in. I feel as though I have won the lottery to be honest. So, tomorrow I am off to enjoy the sun.

Thanks for all your support and blah to dumb doctors!


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Wow Sharon.................what spectacular news. Just so you know though, we have those kinds of docs here in the USA as well. Sopmething should be done about them, don'tcha think? I am so overjoyed.......GO TARCEVA!!!!!!!


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Well, this certainly is much better news!!! I know yocould have kicked that "dimwit" in the butt really hard to take out all of your frustrations over this unnecessary worry!

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I'm so glad to hear this news Sharon! You go enjoy that vacation and don't waste one minute of your time thinking about dumb doctors. You've got better things to think about.


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Yes it seems that the doc has acquired a new handle............Tosser!!! If only he knew. I'm sure that your partner is over the moon Shar, and that she can't wait to get back home and give you much needed and deserved attention.

Brit :lol:

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