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I hate Lung Cancer (SHOUTED)

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Got the strangest call from an old neighbor yesterday. An older couple that took my husband and I under thier wing when we bought our first home. Halfway during our "catching up" phone call (when I was debating when to tell her about my Mom), she whispered "Kenny was just diagnosed with lung cancer". I had to say "What?" I could believe what I was hearing. This cancer which I never gave a thought to for 35 years, slaps me in the face twice in a 3 week period? I hate this %*#$@! cancer. I also hate that it is not one of the "socially" acceptable cancers that gets all the media attention, research money, and a whole month dedicated to awarewness about it. I will spend the rest of my life talking about this cancer, asking people to quit smoking, donating to this cause, I refuse to whisper, in fact I plan to SHOUT!!!!! Thanks for listening to my angery rant.

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I can hear you every word. Welcome to shouting time. I am so sorry you had to get this news but send prayers for good news soon.

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Still not sure about much in the cancer world, 10-9-06 Mother-in-law does needle biopsey, 10-11-2006 diagnosis, Lung and lymphs. Learning as much as I can. I need help. Dont know the best way to find doctors ( for second opinion) any ideas?

You unfortunately seem very knowledgable.

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I'm shouting right along with you. I don't know how many times I've had to answer the smoking question. "NO, my sister NEVER smoked". So how the heck did SHE get lung cancer? It's so unfair. It can hit anyone at any time. But I REFUSE to let this horrible disease win. Sis

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I too am shouting!!!

My mom was so angry that the testing doesn't pick up lung cancer. There was a lot we didn't get to discuss as diagnosis to mom's passing was one month, BUT she did say she wanted to discuss protocols with me. So we are asking in lieu of flowers donations be sent to ielcap.org. They are for screening using low radiation dose CT scans for those at risk. Here's the kicker, that last ten years my mother has done x-rays and tumor markers, nothing ever showed. One of the testing sites that does this low dose CT which may have saved my mom's life is two towns over. BUT NO DOCTOR says this should be done.

My wife and I are going to make sure to make this a standard protocol for breast cancer survivors, smokers and former smokers and those w/ a history of lung cancer in the family.

This disease is just to devistating for this inadequate detection!!!

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my shouts are with yours. and i have to say i get a little upset when i see so much done about breast cancer. i guess i wouldn't if that's what my mom was diagnosed with. what about all of the other cancers out there, though?! where's all their money and research and benefits and ribbons? and why don't doctors feel the need to do chest x-rays as a routine check up for people whether they smoke or not? i'm sorry, checking in my ears and listening to my heartbeat is not any type of preventative care or check up!!!

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There's nothing wrong with supporting breast cancer...my mom survived that. BUT she knew. She felt a lump. And the protocol now is to have mamograms. And that is GREAT! Women know now and many charities make mamograms available. And that is all a very good thing.

But now we need to get the word out that Lung cancer dosent have a lump, or a detection protocol that physicians all agree on and is effective.

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I agree whole heartedly. I am so baffled as to why this disease is not being shouted from the roof tops! I read somewhere that lung cancer kills more people than breast, prostate and colon cancers combined! Even though there are fewer people living with lung cancer, it is that much more difficult to treat.

I just lost my Mom (who was only 60 years old) to it. Yes, she smoked. But when she started, nobody really knew the hazzards. At least not like we do today.

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I understand your pain, anger, and frustration. While at the grocery store yesterday, there at the checkout was a prominent display to donate to breat cancer research (which my husband did). I asked the cashier if they were going to collect for lung cancer awareness and she proceeded to list a variety of illnesses that they support throughout the year-of course, lung cancer not being one of them. I will be writing Safeway to ask them to help raise money for lung cancer research as it still does not have early detection tests, is not curable, and has such a high mortality rate.

I hate lung cancer as well.

Mendy (who is taking her dh to his first chemo treatment this morning)

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THis is my favorite List. Some may remember this list from several months ago and many may find it interesting to know that these are donors for our very own partner LUNG CANCER ALLIANCE:


American Legacy Foundation

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP

Biomira, Inc

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Cell Therapeutics, Inc.

Eli Lilly & Company

EMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

G.E. Healthcare

Genentech, Inc.

Health Policy R&D

Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Motion Picture Association of America

Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation

OSI Pharmaceutics, Inc.

Pfizer Inc.


Willams and Jensen


We would also like express our sincere appreciation to the many companies, foundations and organizations which have made donations to the Lung Cancer Alliance during the past year:

Organizational Donors

A.C. Israel Foundation, Inc.

Advanced Surface Technologies

Alan Berry Design, Inc.

Amy and Barry Baker Family Fund

Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc.

Bank of America United Way Campaign

Bardeen-Greytak Family Foundation

Bay Medical Center

Birmingham Country Club

Blacks in Government

Boy Scout Troop No. 61

Brown Smith Wallace, LLC

Buckeye Packaging Co., Inc.

Business Services International, Inc.

Cave Spring Veterinary Clinic

Charlotte and Jospeh Gardner Foundation, Inc.

Cleveland Clinic Health System

Credit Suisse

Denver Area Folk Dancers

Disabled American Veterans

Distance Education Dept., Univerity of of Nebraska - Omaha

Doctors Hospital - Massillon, OH

Exeter Assembly

Fairfield Emblem Club No. 439

Federation of Rowan College Educators


Ford Yacht Club

Fox Chase Cancer Center

Frontier Health

George Campbell Nisbet Foundation

Harris, Brown & Klemer, Inc.

Hinden & Sievers, LLP

Honors Bridge Club

Imclone Systems Incorporated

Infectious Diseases Society Of America

Institute for International Economics

Joseph Marchiano Lung Cancer Research Foundation

Judy and Mark Lerner Family Foundation

Kappa Sigma Fraternity

Kaskaskia College Federation of Teachers

Macy's West United Way Campaign

Maimonides Medical Center

Mark Krueger & Associates, Inc.

Merck Partnership for Giving


Montgomery Country Club Golf Association

National Endowment for Democracy

Nicole, Michael & Aidan Cadogan

Ocean City Golf Club

Off the Record Research

Order of the Eastern Star

Peer Music

Prudential Financial

Race For Breath

Roger Sherman Elementary School

Rowan University Department of Theatre

Safeco Insurance

Schmeltzer, Aptaker & Shepard, PC

Sellers Kuykendall

Shaw's Market

St. John's Mercy Medical Center

Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa

The Arlington Community Foundation

The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region

The Gates Corporation

The Longhill Charitable Foundation, Inc.

The Patterson Club

The Pleczynski Foundation

The Roybal Corporation

The Sunshine Club

The United Way

United Way of Pennsylvania

United Way of Elkhart County

United Way of Indiana

United Way of New York City

United Way of Silicon Valley

United Way of Los Angeles

US Alliance Credit Union

Utica National Insurance Group

Van Buren Public Schools

Vangaurd Charitable Endowment Program

Veterinary Clinic, Inc.

Volkswagon Credit, Inc.

The Washington Post

Wednesday Oyster Bay Men's Golf Club

Wharton-Smith, Inc.

Wilhide Draperies, Inc.

Woodworking Machinery Industry Association

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Lung Cancer Hotline: 800-298-2436 (US only);

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