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Aint Life Strange?

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Hi everybody

I firstly wanted to say a very big thank you to those of you who showed me such fantastic support and beautiful kind words when my father (Guy Norfolk)passed away last month - you guys are true stars to me - thanks.

I thought I would just take the opportunity to share what's happenned over the last month or so.

Dad passed away on the 8th of October in Australia. I tried to get back in time, but sadly didnt.

I spent a week or so there and then came back to the UK and within 2 weeks, I was back at work - all normal!!

I had recieved a lovely letter while I was away from the Managing Director of my company offerring sympathy and whatever support I needed - which was a welcome surprise. My team in the office were fantastic as were people from all areas of the business.

As hard as it was, it looked as though there was the possibilty of getting on with things.

Well.................exactly 1 week after I return from my leave to go to Australia, I was informed that my role was going to be made redundant! Where was this support that was offered??? I couldnt believe it - how much worse could October 2006 be? And it was only 7 or so weeks to Christmas and we have a baby due in April - was someone having a laugh at my expense?

Well, I went and saw my doctor and he signed me off work for 2 weeks for stress. To be honest, I was more angry than anything else and I decided to use those 2 weeks as an opportunity to find a new job as I knew that with Xmas on it's way, recruitment opportunities were going to be thin on the ground.

Today is Tuesday the 14th of October and I have just been offered a role with a company that is just under 2 miles from my house, more money and far better opportunities for the future and they can wait for to start in the new year!

This now means that the redundancy package can go into the bank for myself and my family to treat ourselves and I will get to spend most of Decemeber with my family at home!

Kind of makes you wonder if there is someone up there looking out for you, doesn't it!


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Someone is definitely looking out for you, Chris, and I am glad. Your work scenario, unfortunately, is quite common here in the States. One day you are given great support and the next day, they can you. Your case proves out the old saying, "One door closes, another door opens". Glad you came to share that with us, Chris. My best to you. Don

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I'm not sure what being made "redundant" means, but I'm guessing that it meant you were going to be let go......as Don said, that happens alot here in the States (happened to me in years past....oh bad memories there);

So, so glad things worked out so wonderfully for you! Is very encouraging to see a story such as yours for folks like me too.....

Many, many well-wishes as you embark on your new adventures -- sounds wonderful for you. Do keep us posted.


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Congrats Chris!

I had a similar experience after Mom passed away. I told her that I was applying for a new job and got the application in the day before her death. I got a call a month after Mom passed away for the interview.

It was a job that I've applied for before and never been interviewed for. Makes me wonder if my application always magically appeared at the top of the pile.

I didn't get the job but wondered if Mom had a hand in my getting the interview.

Congrats again and all the best.


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