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Yes, we have no Bandana's


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Fast question where is a place you can purchase bandanas?

We are going to a nice plush restaurant for a 60th party and Joel does not think it is proper to wear a hat. So he was thinking of a bandana.

Any chains stores you may know of. Nothing online, as the party is Saturday.


Maryanne :wink:

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Stores have bandanas but they are the paisly ones. We are just looking for a solid black, navy or beige, which is more fitted than just a scarf.

Frank he is not bald yet, he had his hair buzzed but there are some bald spots in the back now that bothers him the way it looks. He would rather have it covered right now.

He had a nice LLBean hat that he wears all time but just does not feel it is apporpriate when he is dressed and dining in a classy restaurant.

Maryanne :wink:

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Hi Debbi,

Thanks for asking. He found nothing, so he took his baseball type hat, black suade, but he took it off, so he just stayed buzzed.

He went out to he bike shops but they did not have anything. They said they could order but of course that was a no. He did come home with this tight fitting skull cap that I thought looked horrible.

So I guess you can say he just went natural-el.

It is what it is...

I might order some online. I found a place where they have fitted ones that has a tie tail in the back and it only costs $3.00 and a really big selection.

Thanks again for your concern... Another one bites the dust.. (ha)

Maryanne :wink:

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