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Christmas Cards

Don Wood

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Don, I remember how hard that was for me. I'm still having trouble not signing Dennis' name on the cards I send out. Just grab on to this "support rope" and hold on tight. I've been hanging on so tightly today that my hands are blistered...but I'm still hanging in here!!!!

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Brian died New Year's Day this year. I am getting cards to both of us, as well. Don, I think that you and Lucy are still a unit, a pair, an entity. I think Brian and I are, too. I am trying to rejoice in that and be thankful for friends, both close and not so close.

The worst is running into someone in a public place who has not heard that Brian died. Usually goes something like this: "(Loud voice) Pat!!!, hello, how ARE you? We miss seeing you and Brian at...............(fill in the blank)", I am so glad to see you..................would you and Brian like to get together (or substitute any other something)........then the awkward, public moment of filling them in, their reaction and my renewed sadness.

I have become too much of a recluse and too introverted ......... I am working on that.

Meanwhile, Relish that you and Lucy will forever be Mr. and Mrs. Don Wood. No matter what the future on earth holds for you. You and Lucy will always BE.



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So sorry Don. I know how you feel. got the funniest xmas card I could find in bulk and wrote the saddest letter you could imagine. Made my dad cry it was so sad. Laugh at the card and cry at the letter. WE will get through this ok. stay strong, and hope you get a good surprise, today??!!

Prayers for strength and comfort.

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