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It has been a while so I thought I would post an update. This has been such a traumatic 4 months that I am beside myself with emotions on a daily basis. I can honestly say that many days I would not have gotten through without the support here. Thank you to all!

My husband has just completed his sixth round of chemo and is done (hopefully forever). He does not ever want to go through that again. He will be having a CT in a week and a half to see how it all looks. It is a scary time because it is at a waiting period and everything seems unsure. He recovered from this past chemo quite well and is trying to move on with life since he is feeling pretty good. I am happy to be able to do some old activities with him again.

We will be going to a Naturopathic Doctor. He is known as a cancer guru and I am looking to him for some answers and hope. Do any of you have experience with Naturopathic Doctors? I know it will be a complete change of lifestyle, diet and supplements will be implemented. I am excited about the prospects of immune building and naturally fighting cancer. If it works so well, why isn't everyone doing it? I am going to tell the whole world if this works!

The kids have been acting up a little and challenging me. They are having nightmares, as I am, about cancer and all of our life changes.


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HURRAY!!! Congaratz on completing the chemo!

I would love to here how it goes with the natural doc! I think you'll come to learn the reason everyone doesnt "do it" is because it isnt mainstream. Natrual Docs reley heavily on vitamins and a healty immune system to PREVENT disease. Pharmicuotical companies cant patent vitamins ( to make money off them) and therefore the main stream medical field would not be infulenced by the drug companies. (to seek remidies that are not profitable.) That is not to say there arent very good drugs and benifits from them, just that there isnt money in what Natural Docs do where corporate america is concerned.

We (MIL and family) are enduring chemo, but feel very strongly that the meg dose IV's of vitamins she has been taking have played a very important role in her seeming such a reduction in her tumor sizes. More than half in less than 3 rounds!!

Healty living is a HUGE part of PREVENTING disease. Not to say healthy people wont get it but Isnt it better to prevent rather than chase after a cure?

Best of luck to you Flowergirlie glad to see your at the end of the chemo!!

Beat it!!

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Hi Flowergirlie,

So glad the chemo is done. Hopong for things to go up from here.

I saw a story on my local news the other night about a program at a local hosp for young kids of cancer patients. They interviewed the kids and it really seemed great. Do you think the kids may need something like that. I know as an adult this is all very scary. You could probably check at the cancer center of hosp your hubby goes to.

Hope things with the natural doc go great. Keep us posted.

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I wish you all teh best of luck with scans and pray that you will not need Naturopathic Onc? I hope the chemo does the trick. You may want to check around and see if there is a local support group for children of Cancer patients? Try newspaper or maybe social service rep at hospital could help. Something where you could go withthem and discuss everything going on. Sorry to ramble but got caught up.

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I was wondering about you! Glad that chemo is over and praying that scans are good!

Don't have any experience w/ that kind of doc but


My mom being sick has brought me a whole new lifestyle. Lost weight, going to the gym, etc.

If I ever get cancer or something else very serious, I will do natural and traditional treatments!

Kelly :D

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It certainly is a life changing experience. Poor kids they are so afraid of all the uncertainty.

Really glad he is finished with that dreaded chemo.

Keep us informed on his progress.

Still sending prayers..


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So glad your hubby was able to finish his treatment! He went through so much -- and so did you!

I wish you all the best with the upcoming scans and the alternative meds -- as others have said, please let us know how that works out. I'm very interested in it.

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Dang, I bet you feel like you have completed a marathon! Here's hoping the scan results come back with positive info.

My 12 year old is having a tough time right now, too. Not sleeping at night, constantly worried about my Mom. Mom is our before/after school caregiver, so the kids are with her all the time,. and Tay sees the decline. I know my friend w/ breast cancer says that there is a group for kids affected by family members with breast cancer, and I wondered about something like that for Tay. I don't know...Sometimes I can't decide if it is worse to watch Mom struggle or the kids.

You have had SO much on your plate lately. I pray for some peace and downtime for you.

:) Kelly

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So glad your husband has cleared that hurdle. I think about you and your situation often and hope and pray things are turning around for you.

The return to routine things is such a good thing.

With respect to the naturpathic doctor, my Dad and I had the same discussion with his homecare nurse a couple of days ago. Her advice was to check credentials and go to someone who others you know have had success with.

Mom went to see one a few days after being diagnosed with lung cancer. She wasn't able to do that treatment while taking chemo so couldn't complete it. Her oncologist didn't know how everything would interact.

I'm not medical but I think chemo stays in your body for a while after treatment is complete, so you may want to mention it to his onc. Before you lay out any cash for the supplements prescribed, you may want to talk to a pharmacist that is familiar with the natural side of things to get another opinion.

I think the naturpathic route is fantastic. My best friend's Dad was diagnosed with bone cancer. It had almost eaten through his arm and he could not move it. Doctors said he wouldn't live more than six months. He refused traditional medicine, went strictly naturpathic, had an amazing recovery and lived another 10 years.

Go for it, but go with your eyes open and be cautious.

One more thing, if things continually feel like they are "just too much", don't be afraid to ask for an anti-depressent. I went to the doctor for a colitis flair- up and when I told him that Mom had passed away 3 months ago and now we were dealing with Dad having colon cancer, he told me I needed something (Paxil) to take the edge off. I hummed and hawed but said it was worth a try. I am so glad I did. Basically, it lets me feel calm and rational and helps me make decisions with logic rather than emotion.

Take care and best of luck!


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