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CT News is Good


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Mom's tumor continues to shrink (from 1.9 to 1.4 centimeters)....which is great news. She begins Round 7 of Carbo/Gemzar on Thursday. We understand that an allergic reaction is more likely after this many rounds so they will begin pre-chemo skin tests. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

She continues to tolerate treatment well. The two biggest challenges are a recent dip in WBCs (we are hoping they have recovered during her week off of Chemo) and it is near impossible to find any viens. The Gemzar is wrecking havoc...I suspect a port is in her future....it took 6 sticks last Chemo.

Thanks for the continued prayers and support. Candy

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Hi Pat,

Glad to hear that your mom is responding so well to treatment. I had a reaction to carbo on my 6th or 7th round. Not a big deal -- discontinued the carbo, had lots of IV benadryl and was "better" very quickly. Remember, though, that most patients do not ever have a reaction to carbo. I continued chemo after that with Taxotere only, no platinum based chemo, and had great results. I'm praying for the same for your mom. Take care.


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Great news. What problrm occurred with the radiation?

I got a port very early on and I am so glad I did. I had the multiple sticks every time they needed blood, cts, or MRIs. The port was painless to insert, done under conscious sedation.


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Whoo-hoo -- great news! Tell your Mom to keep up the good work.

Tony had the carbo reaction during his 7th round of carbo/taxol. He started with itching & tingling in his hands, then he started flushing all over, couldn't catch his breath, and started passing out. He almost went into shock because they didn't stop the drip fast enough. Nobody warned us at the hospital (where he was having the infusions at the time) that this is fairly typical around the 7th to 9th cycle. The 8th cycle they upped his antihistamines in the pre-treatment goodie bag and we got about a third of the way through the carbo and it started all over again. They stopped it faster and he rallied just fine. He just can't be on any of the platinum based treatments anymore, but has done quite well without them.

I'm glad to see that your Mom is being tested for sensitivity to this drug. It would have been nice for us to have known, but the nurses at the hospital felt that if you tell the patient, that might make them mentally think they are having a reaction. I thought it was flawed logic myself and it caught us completely off-guard. :?

Good luck and give your Mom a hug for me.


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