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Let Me...


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When I wrote this I wrote it from my side...how I'd like my friends to deal with me when there are downs and I'm not at my best, and when there are ups and I'm happy and relatively carefree. It's seemed to me, as I've reread it, that it *might* also be appropriate for the survivors out there though I have no way of knowing. I just wanted to share it with you all.

Let Me

Let me crawl inside you awhile.

Safe and warm and at peace.

Let me cling to your strength

When I’ve none of my own.

Remember I’m tender,

Much more now than before.

Let me spend days in memories

When the sun brightly shone.

Let me rage against the wind

And run wild in the storms.

Allow me to deal as I may

With the cards that are dealt.

Remind me I’m stronger

Than I’ve ever been, now.

Give me leave to feel

What yet I’ve not felt.

Let me be weak and crumble.

Stand with me when I’m strong.

Give me time to remember

And moments relive.

Let me be happy when I can.

Laugh without worry.

Remember I’m giving

What I have left to give.


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