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my Mom (updated at the end/ special thank you)


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Sorry I haven't posted in so long. So much has happened over the last 6 months.

My Father called a short while ago to let me know that my Mom is very near the end of her battle with cancer. It has consumed her brain & she can no longer speak. Hospice has been caring for her around the clock at home so she can die in peace.

My sister is flying in from Orlando this weekend & we are driving up (Illinois) to see Mom Friday afternoon. We actually planned the trip a few weeks ago & I believe in my heart that Mom is holding out until I can be by her side. My Dad is crushed because Mom is his entire world. They have been married 45 wonderful years. I think he believed she would beat this until a few weeks ago even though the doctors didn't offer any hope from the beginning.

Mom is the center of my entire family & this will be devastating for us all to go through. I know she is my rock & I will be lost without her. I couldn't have asked for a better Mom.

I wanted to thank everyone for all the wonderful advice, love & support throughout our journey. Although she is losing the battle, she won the war because she has lived her life to the fullest over the past year. We have been very blessed to have this special time with Mom.

Please send your thoughts & prayers our way. We need all we can get to help us through this very tough time.



My Mom passed away early yesterday morning (March 1st) about 6:20 AM in her sleep. She went the way she wanted to go. I am devastated that I didn't get to be by her side but, it really was a blessing because she wasn't afraid or in any pain. None of us thought she would go so quickly but, my Mom was a special lady & a lady always knows when it's time to leave.

My Dad came in just after she passed & stayed with her until the funeral director came. He laid next to her & held her for two hours saying his special good-bye to Mom. They shared something so precious & knew a secret recipe to making a marriage last, an ingredient that illudes so many of us.

It has been the absolute hardest day of my life & the worst was telling my children, one by one, as they returned home from school. It was especially hard for Ethan (5) because he knows what death is but doesn't grasp it completely. He kept asking through tears why he can't see his Grandma anymore. I wish I could help him to understand.

We are still planning on leaving tomorrow to help with funeral arrangements and be there to comfort Daddy. I thank you all for the support & prayers. It is deeply appreciated.

with love,


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It's been a while since I viewed you website, Lisa. Each time I do, it takes my breath away. What a loving, moving tribute.

I am sorry to hear the update about your mom. You will be in our prayers in this house that comfort and peace will be in the days ahead for you and your whole family.


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I am so sorry about your mom, I know how difficult it must of been for you to tell your children.

I also wasn't by my husbands' side when he passed away last week, but his oncologist told me something what was very comforting and valuable to how my husband passed.

He told me that if I go home and Carlton passes away and I am not there to not feel guilty. He said that he has seen it happen alot, even the nurses told me the same thing. This helped me alot when Carlton died because, I don't think I would of been able to function at all, if I didn't know that.

Lisa, my prayers are going out to you, your dad and family this evening...


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I am so, so sorry. Again, I have no words, but I want you to know I am saying a special prayer for you, your family, your mama, and your daddy. May you each know God's peace, be guided by His will, and may eternal rest be granted unto your mom, and may God's perpetual light shine upon her always.


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I just arrived home a few hours ago. I wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the thoughts & prayers. I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me & my family. Prayers & thoughtfulness of others are the only thing that got us through the past 6 or so days.

During the visitation, I realized a very special gift that Mom gave to us. We got to see so many beloved family members & dear friends. Some of whom we haven't seen in 20 or more years. Several of my old high school friends that I had lost touch with & even their parents showed up to extend their sympathies & pay their respects to my Mother.

My Mom touched so many lives, far more than I realized. People filed past the casket for 6 hours straight & they were still showing up as it was time to go. The guest book has several hundred signatures in it. At least 100 of her coworkers showed up as well. It was an incredible tribute which spoke volumes about my Mom. She was a super coworker, super Mom & super Wife that touched so many lives. She will live on in the hearts of many. I am so proud to have her blood in me.

Thanks again,


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