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I had my CT after 5 cycles of the Abraxane/Carbo/Avastin. It showed my abdomen completely clear, my bones "healed" (as much as they can be), and my lungs are clear except for the primary, which is now 2-3 cm. Some of that may be scar tissue. We'll do a PET probably after my last cycle. I think that's good news. Was really happy to hear that my lymph nodes looked good, and all the little nodules in my lungs resolved. Current plan is to do one last round in a few days (my platelets are low), then Avastin, probably every 2 weeks. Now I just have to pray that the Avastin will keep me stable for a long time. I'm feeling great, getting FAT (I don't know if that's good or bad anymore), and looking forward to Easter and Relay for Life.

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Raney, that's absolutely terrific!! As for the "getting fat" being a good sign, I don't know, but I choose to believe it is. I'm starting to put on some weight too, even though I'm no longer chugging down 900+ extra calories per day from Ensure/Boost/Equate/etc.

Congratulations and Aloha,


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