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Getting to Know You - April 11


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I drink heavily and then go back to work - I'm an airline pilot...

Kidding...if it's the weekend, I'm home and feel rundown, I kick off my shoes and snuggle down for a nap. At work...what's "down time"? I hit the ground running as soon as I badge in!

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Guest Kaylei

For my daily afternoon pick-me-up I simply call my husband and make him come home from work to see me for a little while :wink: . . .we are still almost newlyweds :D

Seriously though, Nick works a few minutes from our home and he never wants lunch at lunchtime instead he comes home mid-afternoon and we have coffee and maybe a little fresh fruit and a pastry.

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lately a boilermaker works for me but just one!!

(Budweiser and a shot of whisky is a boilermaker)

Happy friday the 13th anyone need lottery tickets???

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