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Alimta is the key


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Well the Onc called and wants me to start Alimta on Wednesday. The spot on the lung has increased and he wants me to start right away. This poor guy has to tell me every time that he doesn't have good news for me but he doesn't realize that my wife and I know what is going on with me. When the cancer starts growing again I get tired and have a hard time breathing no matter where the spot is in the lung. Along with the WBR and the last round of radiation on my lung I just haven't had a chance to slow down and now I get to do this. He's worried because he keeps telling me that this is just pallative and to prolong my quality and quantity of life. He doesn't know that I am going to beat this one and the next and any others that come my way. Hopefully Alimta will have the same results as it has given others on this site. You all take care. I'll let you know how the first infustion goes.


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You are SO right, Ralph. You ARE going to beat this thing. Alimta, for some, is the magic bullet, and I'm hoping you are one of them. I'm hanging in there with you, Ralph. Keep up the good fight, and I'll try to keep up too.


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Sorry about the growth, but hope Alimta will kick butt!

I completely understand what you are saying, we usually know before the Doc when the reports aren't good or that something is going on. You live with this disease long enough and you learn all of the clues.

Take care my friend,


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