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a recurrence in a member (uspswife)


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A few weeks back, one of our members - USPSWIFE - also known as Darla, was assisting a neighbor, by taking them to the ER. On her way back, she passed out hit a brick wall and was taken back to the ER herself. With her history - CT Scan of the Brain was done and three lesions were found.

Darla is in an unbelievably strong woman - with a devil may care attitude. She is currently dealing with all the possibilities this stage of the disease and this recurrence has thrown ar her in her own way. They have not given her a good time line prognosis (one month with nothing - six months with treatment) I hate statistics! Her concern is quality of life (of course). I believe she is looking into WBR at Baylor University.

When I talk to her she laughs. They say laughter is food for the soul. So that part is taken care of.

Just wanted you all to know, so prayers, positive energies and good thoughts can be sent her way. Allowing her path - whatever whe should decide - is a peaceful one filled with joy and happiness.

Prayer line starting here!

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You have my prayers, but also my hope that you will find a way-acceptable to you- to treat the brain mets.

And Candee, thank you for letting us know about Darla. I become attached to people, and it is very disconcerting when they just "disappear" with no explanation. Even when the news isn't what we hope it to be, it's better to know and offer what support we may.

Wishing you both well,

Fay A.

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Thank you for posting the information about Darla. Thank you all for prayers for her and her family, please keep her in your prayers. Darla is my Alcase phone buddy and is a really positive and humerous person. She is a real Survivor and has a very strong will to beat this disease and help others. She really lifts your spirits. She has been in remission since, I believe December 2002. She beat this once and will do it again, this is just a minor set back...

She has been doing really well until last week. She had just returned from vacation in Maryland. She e-mailed me and called last week and told me about what had happened, she just blacked out and hit a wall at 40mph. Thank goodness she didn't get hurt other than a lot of soreness. I am really worried about her. I am praying for her every day.

Thanks everyone


P.S. Candee, Welcome to the board. I didn't realize you were the person Darla told me about that lives in NJ... :)

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