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I do not have an adventurous palate. I guess the most "ethnic" thing I've ever eaten was an Eastern European dish with noodles and pork loin my father used to make when we were kids. I can barely pronounce it, so there's no way I can spell it.

Have you ever been arrested? :oops: If so, why?

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No. That's funny because my brother and I were just talking about that the other day! (I'd take a terrible mug shot. Not photogenic at all!)

I do keep warning my family that if I ever get my butt moving in the advocacy direction, they will be seeing a photo on the front page of me being arrested for protesting big Tobacco lining congressional pockets while on the steps of Capital Hill!

What is your favorite drink? (you know the type I mean. LOL)

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Roquefort -- Tony used to make the best cheese stuffed grilled hamburgers, but he'd always have to put toothpicks in mine, so the kids wouldn't grab them, because they thought blue cheese was ewwwwey.

(I always like a little cheese to go with my whine. :wink: )

What is your favorite flower?

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My husband and I used to skydive before we had a child. I have about 300 freefalls and my husband has even more. The most exciting one was a night dive we did under a full moon. Everyone lined the runway where we were to land with candles in brown paper bags. It was beautiful - I rolled over on my back to look up at the full moon - I told everyone I saw a cow jump over it!!! It was quite an accomplishment - mandatory for your advanced license in skydiving. It did not, however, ever do my mandatory water jump - too nervous for that one!!

Have you ever been involved in a bad car accident??

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I went to 5 different schools growing up:

Roosevelt Elementary In Euclid, Ohio

Big Creek Elementary, Ford Jr High and Midpark High in Middlebrugh Hts, Ohio

Tri-C Community College in Parma, Ohio

If you could live in another state or country, would you and where would that be??

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I don't think I'd live in another state. Definitely wouldn't live in another country. Been in IL all my life and my family is all in this area too (except my son.) Don't necessarily like the climate, but what are you gonna do?

What is the color of the walls in your living room?

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