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PC, only because I don't have a laptop! :D

Are you attracted to men/women with dark hair and brown eyes, or blonde hair and fair eyes?

(I LOVE dark hair and brown eye's ~~ makes no sense that both men I married, (not at the same time, hehe!), have had blonde hair and blue eyes!) :shock:

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Have always been attracted to men with dark hair. Have dated a few redheads, but no blondes. Eye color isn't so important to me. But I think the most attractive thing about a man is confidence.

If you were given a gift certificate for plastic surgery, what would you have done?

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Hold on Mike - Nyka asked busted for "doing IT".....great minds think alike, Nyka - I was gonna ask that question.

And yes - Joe and I got caught once. Our best friends and Joe and I rented a houseboat and spent 5 days on the Dale Hollow in Tennessee. This was long before Nick was born. Our friends were on the front deck of the houseboat so Joe and I went into our bedroom at the back of the boat that had a sliding glass door and no drape. Well - all of a sudden I heard all this noise and looked over Joes shoulder and there was a water skier waving at us!!! We laughed all day over that one!~!!!

NOw someone else can answer Mikes question!!!

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I was pretty fond of 30. I cried my eyes out for that birthday, but it turned out to be a great year. I was wise enough to stay out of trouble, was young enough to know how to have fun, and had an incredible man by my side.

Who taught you how to drive (and can you teach me?

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