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Nova -- If I found out I was having a baby at my age and with no parts included anymore, I'd have to call him Jesus! :lol::lol:

For the Santa question: I always used a special paper and wrote the tag in weird lettering with red ink for my kids.

Do you like silent films and if so, what is one of your favorites?

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Going for a LONG walk in the woods.....But you will have to bundle up, whereas I have to put mosquito repellent on.

Sometime the only way to "de-stress" my mind, is to get out of the house. Being outside always helps.

About how many gifts did you buy this year?

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Nooooo, I'm a "quickie" (there's your guy, Maryanne), wrapper.

Slightly sloppy, too much tape, and jagged edges!!!! I'm mostly wrapping for kids though, so as long as it has their name on the tag, they don't care about "pretty"!!! :D

Have you ever been a vegetarian?

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