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back from surgery


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Hi everyone

Well Im back from my surgery ( 12/11 ) Got home yesterday ( 12/16) Have to commend my wife on her driving skills during our winter storm.

They removed the upper left node and had a small

(< 2cm tumor ) Was classified as stage 1A.They mentioned a lot more information that I'll need to do some internet searching on but every thing sounds very positive At this point it seems there will be no need for any chemo or radiation therapy, So I feel VERY fortunate. Post operative pain is actually less than I had anticipated ( except when I cough ).

I have my first appointment with my Dr. on 12/28

and I'm sure I'll find out much more.

I feel a need to acknowledge a great staff at Strong Memorial Hospital. They treated me great and and handled an admittably squeemish patient with fantastic professionalism and care.

Also thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.

Well I just wanted to give you all an update and I'll keep everyone informed

Take Care


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Great news being stage 1A!!!!

I had stage 1A over 7 years ago and had a lobectomy and as you can see, I am still here!

I was lucky too,and did not have too much pain and had a quick recovery

Just don't overdo and get rest as needed.

Hoping your recovery continues to go smoothly! ---

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