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Suki's latest update


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another great update for Suki - no evidence of disease. there was "something" on her CT that initially sounded scary but the doctor explained that it was likely inflammation or scar tissue from an infection or "wear and tear" as he put it. he said in no way did it resemble cancer, but that it certainly explains my mom's increased SOB over the last few months. he thinks she may have had a bronchitis she thought was just a cold. so she'll need some therapy with a pulmonologist for that, but still no sign of the beast returning.

as Dr. West said, Suki's onc. confirmed that taking her off Tarceva is intended to 'save it up' in case she ever needs it in the future. he is keeping her on the 6-month plan to monitor the inflammation (he had said last time that she'd go to a year if this scan was clear) but we're all happy about that.

all is well, otherwise, though busy with work/motherhood/wife-ness/moving, etc. I haven't upload our Christmas pictures yet, but here's what I get to come home to every night...what could be better!? Happy new year, everyone. Peace and health to all of you.



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