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Metatistatic Lung Cancer

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Hi Connie B.

Thankyou for replying, my wife Gloria has Metastatic Lung Cancer and I am the caregiver.

She was diagnosed last November with NSCLC which had gone to her liver. She has been given only mths to live. The first two rounds of chemo showed significant shrinkage of the lesions and one which had totally disappeared. The Metastatic Lymph nodes had also shrunken. The next two rounds of chemo were not as successessful but Dr. is satisfied with results.

We found the cancer by accident, blood clot in her leg. They did Pet Scan on her and found Three small Lesions on her lungs and also one lesion on her liver which is large. She can't take the Avastan

because she has clotting and has to take two shots of Heparin (Lovenox) per day.

I think this website is great and am excited about the new drugs being evaluated and exploring the possibilities of getting her on clinical trial.


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John, welcome to the group! Most of us around here know that prognosis statistics (which are given out much too freely by doctors who don't take the time to explain what they mean) are essentially meaningless for any individual, and are just averages/medians of a large number of people who received a similar diagnosis several years ago. You've seen that yourself with your wife's improvement.

...The next two rounds of chemo were not as successessful but Dr. is satisfied with results.

That's quite typical -- a particular chemo combination becomes less effective over time while the side effects tend to compound, so first-line treatment is usually limited to 4 to 6 cycles. Give us some more specifics -- name of drugs, etc. -- and we can be more helpful. Here's how to do a profile like you see at the bottom of our messages:

Click on My Profile above, scroll down to the Signature block, enter/update your information, scroll down further, ensure Always attach my signature is marked Yes, and click Submit at the very bottom. From now on, your profile will attach to every message you send. Aloha,


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Hi John!

I have similar state as your wife has, mets in liver and nsclc.

My diagnosis was in 21st September 2007 and during autumn/winter I completed 6 rounds of chemo. I'm also a proud member of little club called "Bayer medical clinical trial of stage IV lung cancer; Nexavar in combination with cisplatin and gemzar".

All the best to you and your wife, don't stare at the statistics too much!!!! As they say; "there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics..."


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if you want to start looking into trials or need any help drop me a note or just post anywhere I check in at least once a day.

This is a link for trials currently active and a great place to start searching for possibilities;


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"John Caskey"]Greetings, my name is John

Hello John,

I welcome you to a truly informative, warm and caring group. This is a very responsive message board, knowledgeable, as well.

Please let us know how it is going with your wife. My husband is a Stage IV survivor (3yrs. 4 mos. since diagnosis).

We are LIVING with lung cancer.

Gambaru (Japanese for never, never, never, never ... give up even when told "impossible")


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