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Very confused.


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My mother in law found that she had fluid in her lungs on Tuesday 18/03/08. This week has been hectic. The one doctor are saying this, the other doctor are saying that nothing can be done, the whole family is very stressed out and worried.

They drained about 2 Liter from her left lung. They picked up cancer cells in her fluid. Her cat scan and mammogram showed no sign of tumors else where in her body. She will go into surgery today so they can do an autopsy of her left lung. They think there might be cancer on her lung and pleura.

I wish we had answers. The waiting is killing us.

The reason I joined this board is because I have been searching all over the internet to find answers, because I am trying to give the family positive answers. They all think this is the end, but I know that it is not! I have been doing a lot of research and obviously after we get the result of the autopsy today, we will have more answers. M

e and my fiancé are getting married in November and we want to start our own little family. My mother in law is the coolest woman in the world and I want her to stay with us so that my children will know their cool grandma.

I am trusting in God and I know that this Easter 2008 he will make her healthy! Amen.

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Unti Biopsy(Autopsy) is done, ther will not be too many answers but there will be lots of questions! The reason for the biopsy is to find out EXACTLY what is going on and what is in the fluid around the lungs. Doctors need to know what it is thats in that fluid in order to start a treatment plan first! then if it is benign, That is the best news to get. If there is something malignant they can formulate and start a treatment plan. Keep us posted as each step is done with results. The wait is painful but hang in there Breathe in and breathe out. Take care of each other and the family and enjoy the Easter holiday.

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Hello Burmese and welcome

I am sorry about your MIL. Unfortunately as Randy has pointed out, until the doctors know what type her cancer is, they cannot begin treatment. Once the treatment plan is in place and started, things will get a little bit less confusing.

Please keep us posted and know we are here to answer any questions that we can for you.



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"Burnese" ...Her cat scan and mammogram showed no sign of tumors elsewhere in her body....

That's very encouraging! Her situation sounds much as mine was in August 2006. Let us know what specific type of lung cancer is found on the biopsy, and what treatment is offered. Things will be less scary when you have some more facts. Best wishes and Aloha,


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hey there. This is a very stressful time. Please know there is always hope. The start of my journey was very similar. See my medical history below. Once they figure out what is going on, a treatment plan can be put into place. It does get easier. Hopefully easter joy will help ease everyone's pain during this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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Welcome. I'm sorry your MIL may have lung cancer. The biopsy will tell give you more information. Many of our members have survived LC for a long, long time. If the doctor tells you there is nothing that can be done, please find another doctor.

Please let us know the biopsy results and her treatment plan. Wishing you the best,


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Welcome. Sorry you needed to be here but these boards will offer you a lot of support and information.

Unfortunately, until the biopsy is done, you won't have a lot of answers to your questions. Once you know what you are dealing with, and a treatment plan is in place, things will get better. You will know exactly what you are up against.

Until then, hang in there. Its wonderful that you are so close to your MIL and are there by her side.

Hugs to you and your mother-in-law

Patti B.

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Hi everybody and thank you for all the messages and support! :D I am printing out all your messages and giving it to my mother in law (the one on the picture) so that she can also read them.

We have heard so many different results from different doctors during the past 2 weeks. I have discovered that having cancer is a long road with many questions.

My mother in law visited her new oncologist today and she gave all of us very good news! The cancer is in the left lung only, not in the pleura. It is causing infection in the pleura, but not yet cancer. She will start her first set of 3 chemo treatments next week. I am sending out my prayers to God to make the treatment work 101%! Apparently they can not make the cancer go away completely, but can shrink it so that she can still live with little side effects for many years! I do not really understand all of this, but I think it is good news. I will try to get the medical terms so that all of you will also understand better.

Thank you again for all the supportive messages and I am also praying for all of you every day! “Cancer can be beaten!”


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