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Hi and a warm welcome to you, Broken Arrow.

I am so glad to read that you have been finding success with your treatments, and have been seeking out support.

Of course, I am sorry for the reason, especially at age 42. Though, age doesn't surprise me anymore as it once did. This disease does not discriminate.

There are those with Stage IV here at this site, as well - my husband being one of them.

Hope you will be back for more visits, and some input as to your journey. There are many here who have knowledge and support to offer.

Again, welcome,


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Hi Brokenarrow. Welcome to this site. You will find the members here very friendly and willing to share their experiences and knowledge. Congratulations on your great results and on returning to work. I am just returning to work as well after having a lobectomy last September followed by adjuvant chemo. You will find many good news stories on this site from other survivors.

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brokenarrow, Feeling overwhelmed by the welcome yet! That's how this group is--friendly people with open arms.

Glad to hear treatment has worked for you. I'm guessing you're doing Avastin and Tarceva as a a maintenance after finding you were cancer-free on a scan? If so, we'd be interested in what your first treatment was. There are so many survivors here and you learn there's always hope--in your case (and mine) to stay cancer-free.

Judy in Key West

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Welcome Broken arrow.

Hurricane season is about to start. I pray we have none this year. The Gulf coast has still not recovered from Katrina and the rest of the country is having enough disassters with tornados and flooding. Now we know one of our own, you Broken arrow, will be out on the Gulf too.

Happy to hear you have made friends with "NED". Keep us posted.


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Y'all are awsome!

Yes, the Tarceva and Avastin are maintenance measures. Perhaps preventative measures would be a good description as well.

The story? It's pretty dramatic. Well, at least it was for me. I believe I saw a board for telling history. (About Me). I will tell it there so I can put in all the little details.

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Will - quite the story!

You and I share a few things - in our 40's (yeah, yeah, I'm older), a recent baptism and journey with God and a series of events that defy explanation as to why/how I found mine. My story is the "My Story" section as well.

It sounds as though you have a wonderful support system and God bless your wife who answered the way she did when they wanted to just let you fade into the night.

Anyhow, you have defied the odds - congratulations!

Take care,


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Hey there Brokenarrow. I see you have received a warm welcome already but I will add mine to the mix. I will be sure to read your story later. You have come to a good place for lots of good info and continued support. Keep posting and let us get to know you.


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