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Mom is Coming Back to My House For Her Final Days

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Well the nurse and I decided today that my Mom can no longer be alone @ all.

I can't depend on my brothers to keep a schedule to be with her and even though my Mom was reluctant she finally said yes she will come back to my house.

We are having the bed brought over tomorrow and my sunroom is her favorite place to be. Now I can keep my eyes on her 24/7 and won't have to depend on my brothers to help out

I'll keep you posted


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Oh Dar, my heart goes out to you both.

Where better to be than in one of your favorite places to make a peaceful exit from this world.

I pray for comfort and peace in the days ahead.


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It sounds like the move is all for the best Dar.

My bother died of lung cancer 8 years ago. he had to move in to my mom's house and lived there the last few months of his life. All of us sibs took turns watching him and being available. He had a home nurse drop in 2 times a week. I have 11 sibs not counting my deceased brother. We all just came together and maintained a schedule. I stayed with him for a week and then went back to my job 200 miles away. I will never forget the experience.

You all have my prayers.

Don M

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I am saying prayers for you and your mom.

My mom stayed with me in the end - and it was truly a great gift to me. We talked, and laughed, and just enjoyed being with each other while we could - I pray the same for you.

Peace - janet

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Dar - wishing you and your mom some good memories made in the sunroom. That is the exact place my mother-in-law would be happiest too - something about sunshine through the windows and flowers all around.

Will be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.



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Thanks Guys for All the Kind Thoughts-

Mom has been here since Tuesday night and she is pretty much just sleeping all the time-very little time is spent awake-she has not eaten in 4 days and we can barely get her to sit up and drink water. She has her mouth clenched so tight and wont let us get a straw in her mouth-she is on just liquid morphine-that is all we can get in her.

The end is very near..... It's all so surreal I can't even absorb it right now-I feel like

I am just on auto-pilot. My younger brother and his girlfriend are staying all day and night with us and my older brother is here every night after work. Thank god he is here now-I would hate to think of the regrets he would have.

Thank you all for the past 2 years of support you have given my Mom and I. I don't know what I would have done without it.


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