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Guest cbysea1

Hi Sandy,

You are doing so well.I am so happy for you. :P

You were the first to welcome me and I am so thrilled you are showing no signs of cancer. Does that mean remission?

I am still reading and learning about cancer and all the terms.

Someday I hope I can be doing as well as you. We both have sclc.

I follow everyones progress here , especially those who have what I have.I dont know if thats good or bad . :roll:

I had my first radiation today.I could not stop the tears .I cant talk when someone asks me if I am ok.God I hope I stop this crying stuff tomorrow.

How did you pull yourself together like you have done?

I dont want to cry it just happens.I am quiet but the tears roll.I am ashamed of myself.

You sound so cheerful and together.

I am still less than a month since I found out I had cancer.I have done 3 chemos already.Next on the 22nd. Its still a blurr and a nightmare.

Sandy you are doing great.I hope it lasts forever for you.


dxed Nov 19/03 limited sclc and squamous 3rd.stage.

did 3 chemos ,next 3 Dec.22.Radiation started Dec.8

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Give yourself some time to "pull it together". You are still less than a month from diagnosis--it is natural to still be emotional and unsteady about it. I am almost 11 months from diagnosis, and most of the time I am pretty steady emotionally, but there are still times when the tears come. Hang in there--you're doing fine.


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